Reasons Why You Should Use Email Marketing

Reasons Why You Should Use Email Marketing
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As you begin your online marketing strategy, it can often become overwhelming with all the available resources you have to invest your business finances in. What will I see the best ROI (return on investment) in? What marketing channels will suit my business model? 

These are questions that every business owner will face when looking to sell their products or services online, and that is why the potential of marketing is often never achieved. 

One of the fundamental marketing methods is email marketing, and in today’s post, we’re going to cover the importance of email marketing, even in the ever-changing business markets. Carry on reading to learn more!

Why Use Email Marketing For Your Business?

Email marketing may seem like a fundamental, boring marketing tactic that all businesses use. Still, the reality is that more businesses need to take full advantage of the leverage that email marketing has to offer. So why use email marketing for business? Below, we’re going to give you our expert opinion on why it could change your revenue potential forever. 

1 - Obtaining a Loyal Customer Base

Staying top of mind is one of the most important marketing tactics to keep customers active within your business; email marketing does this flawlessly. If you continue to communicate with your audience via social media and email marketing, for example, giving them exclusive offers, helping them understand your mission, etc., will make them feel like they’re part of a team. 

Often, product and service-based businesses can thrive in different seasons of the year. However, if you build a loyal customer base with email marketing tools, you will see more consistency in your sales throughout the year. 

Furthermore, huge businesses can make it seem like you’re just a number on the list of customers. Whereas, if you personalise your emails and make it seem like you’re forging a true relationship with your customers, they will respect this wholeheartedly. 

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2 - Understanding Your Target Audience

Maximising your knowledge of the people you’re selling your product or service to will never harm your revenue potential. 

Your target audience should be there to learn from, and if you use an effective email marketing strategy that reaps better rewards than previous email marketing campaigns, you may want to focus on creating similar campaigns to their previous successful ones in the future.

Learning what your audience likes and dislikes will help you with your marketing strategy. A good way to do this is by giving them surveys and asking them to leave reviews. This way, you will get an overall feel for what made them choose your business and why they continue to stick with you. 

3 - Brand Credibility/ Authority

If you’re a business that not many people have heard of, have few reviews on your website, and have not built a strong relationship with your audience to gain any word of mouth, expecting people to purchase your product or service is unlikely. 

When you send an email, this gives you a chance to build relationships, gain traction on your website, and ultimately have more eyes on your business. If you begin rising up the Google rankings and have 5-star reviews across the board, your brand awareness and authority will be a huge advantage, in contrast to other businesses in your niche. 

4 - Site Traffic 

Being consistent with your email marketing, along with other forms of digital marketing, works a treat when boosting your site traffic. Capturing the attention of new visitors and retaining them via your email marketing strategy (subject lines, promotional emails, abandoned cart emails, etc.) with your content is the cycle that begins long-term customer relationships.

Whether you’re asking for their advice, offering them exclusive offers, presenting informative content, etc., if you keep your potential customers in the loop, give them irresistible offers, and make them feel like they’re part of a team, they’ll stay. 

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5 - Skyrocketing Revenue

What happens when email marketing generates more site traffic with a target audience that suits your business? Your sales will skyrocket via your call-to-actions (CTAs). If more people were already interested in the services or products you offer (or found a new product or service that could help them), you’re bound to see an increase in sales. 

6  - Frequent Opportunities to Sell Your Product or Service 

Tying in with the previous reasons why you should use email marketing, if you’re finding more people and obtaining more sales, email marketing gives you endless opportunities to sell your products and services to these people. 

Once you’ve acquired an audience, you can begin to schedule your email campaigns. As you will be staying top of mind and consistently offering your audience discounts, new products, etc., this frequent email marketing will begin to encourage the purchase decisions of your readers.

7 - See Instantaneous Results

Whether this is the welcome series email, an abandoned cart email sequence, or an order through your email marketing campaign, you will see instantaneous results if you apply the correct email marketing techniques. 

Especially if you’re a business owner who has used SEO tactics in the past and is already getting a good amount of traffic to your website, these email sequences will be golden for your sales processes. 

However, even small businesses that are just starting out will receive significant results from email marketing. The first sales or inquiries you receive for your products or services can be incredibly satisfying and start your journey into becoming a successful business owner. 

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Final Thoughts

So, why use email marketing? Running back through all the benefits of email marketing, added to the fact that this marketing method is one of the highest-grossing, cost-effective ROIs (return on investments) you can add to your marketing strategy, should be all you need to begin your email marketing testing.

Often, businesses will opt to try and perform their email marketing alone. Now, although this gives you a chance to be creative with your designs and copy, successful email marketing agencies will already know what it takes to yield a high percentage of your overall revenue from just email marketing. 

At Magnet Monster, our email marketing agency has years of experience working with high-level businesses in many different sectors and would love to take a look at how we could improve your overall email marketing results. Book a discovery call today and speak to an expert.

I cover this more extensively in Monster Email Marketing where I spill the beans on the exact strategies I've used to win deals with 8-9 figure DTC brands and continuously drive an additional 15% revenue from every email campaign you send.

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