What Is A Lead Magnet

What Is A Lead Magnet


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A lead magnet is an incentive or valuable piece of content served to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information, usually but not limited to an email address or phone number. Lead magnets can come in many forms, typically it will come in the form of

  • A Free trial
  • A Demo
  • An Incentive
  • Digital downloadable content

What are the most common lead magnets?

Here are 20 of our most popular types of lead magnets: 

  1. PDF checklist
  2. eBook
  3. Whitepaper
  4. Report
  5. Video
  6. Cheat Sheet
  7. Templates
  8. Examples
  9. Toolkit
  10. Resource list
  11. Calculator
  12. Questionnaire 
  13. Gated content / content blocker
  14. Tutorial
  15. Webinar
  16. Demo
  17. Free sessions
  18. Free trial
  19. Coupon
  20. Audio / Podcast

What makes a good lead magnet?

Your lead magnet should abide by the following principles to be effective:

  1. Solves a problem or provide entertainment 
  2. Easily digestible
  3. High value
  4. Instantly accessible
  5. Leads with one clear goal
  6. Demonstrates expertise or a unique value proposition

If you do not currently use a ‘lead magnet’ for your business it could be a huge missed opportunity to grow your database of potential customers. Creating excellent content is becoming ever more necessary to not only be noticed but also stand any chance of being selected. 

Have you used a ‘lead magnet’ before if so, let us know what has worked for you. 

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