Why You Should Always Sign-off Emails with a “P.S”

Why You Should Always Sign-off Emails with a “P.S”
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Learn how to leverage monstrous click-through rates by tapping into the power of the “P.S” when signing off your emails.


How many times have you opened an email only to have a cursory glance and then scroll straight to the bottom when examining the contents?

Knowing this is standard behaviour when opening emails, you should take advantage of this by adding a “P.S” before signing off on your email marketing efforts. You can even bold the text to make it more visible and include the core links you want them to click in the email content for those not willing to read the actual email itself.

A “P.S” or “P.P.S” is often seen as a last-chance saloon by companies to drive an action from consumers in email closings. However, used intelligently – and strategically – this additional information can be a simple and effective way of increasing click-through rates and response rates.

As an example, see an email we did for a client below:

We recommend not overdoing the ps in an email as it can become a dubious practice that your customer begins to become aware of after time, no matter whether it is a formal email/ professional email or an informal email. However, used on occasion (50% of the time is fine), it is a proven, effective strategy for driving actions you want your customers to take.

Often, the ps in emails can express gratitude for the potential customer reading, but most of the time businesses use this post scriptum to furnish a special offer for their customers that is exclusive to them. Therefore, if you're gaining traction through social media and you're giving email marketing a try - we would highly recommend you give this tactic a go every once and a while.


Adding a “P.S” or “P.P.S” to your email is an effective way of generating click-throughs for customer’s with low attention spans. Use them sporadically from time-to-time to harness their power.

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