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Adam's strategies

jason greenwood

B2B Commerce Leader

christian hoppe

CEO, Forwrd Agency & Fractional CMO

Jeremy epperson

CEO, Conversion Advocates

sven jakulaj

CEO, Feey

jason greenwood

B2B Commerce Leader

christian hoppe

CEO, Forwrd Agency & Fractional CMO

Jeremy epperson

CEO, Conversion Advocates

sven jakulaj

CEO, Feey
Klaviyo Email Marketing Course

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This course is designed for DTC operators and email marketing agency owners who want to build a more holistic email marketing strategy beyond nonsensical Klaviyo screenshots that vomit all over social media.

Inside this course, we'll look at how to comprehensively map out the customer journey for high-growth DTC brands from pre-purchase consideration to post-purchase, using data and research to infuse our strategy.

We'll then translate this into actionable strategy in a way that supports our world-class "Value Framework" we implement with all our clients at my Klaviyo Elite Master Agency, Magnet Monster.

Email Marketing Course

Yes, you'll generate incremental revenue after deploying many of the tactics in this course, especially around the chapter on High-intent campaign retargeting, which we have seen up to 15% additional revenue per send for our clients.

But the true value you'll receive in this course lies within the following:

Diagnosing retention issues from first to second sale through qualitative research

Blowing up User-Generated Content (UGC) and enhancing deliverability with powerful engagement-boosting emails

Integrating zero-party data to understand your audience and craft conversion-focused messaging that addresses their pain points

And so much more!

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Adam's Work
Adam is without question a leading authority in the email marketing space and operates on a different strategic level when it comes to creating retention strategy.
He thinks like a business owner and not a siloed channel expert and the content in this course is a deep dive into what’s helped us scale Duradry over the last 3 years of working together.

Jack Benzaquen

CEO, Duradry
Adam led the charge in setting up Spotlight Oral Care’s CRM setup during our peak growth years. His 360 overview of eCommerce is unparalleled and we implemented several of the strategies within this course to great effect in our business over the last 3 years of working together.

Siobhan Nolan

CMO at Spotlight Oral Care
Adam is the leader in eCommerce email marketing when it comes to advanced strategies to maximise revenue generation. We have collaborated on numerous client accounts and his approach is way ahead of the curve. The lessons in this course will get you to think about email marketing on another level completely.

Nick Koreck

CEO at 360Inbox
As an agency owner that focuses primarily on acquiring new customers, I needed a solid email marketing course to provide our clients to refine their retention strategy. This course is an absolute game changer for any e-commerce brand. Email marketing isn’t just about blasting promotional content but nurturing relationships and trust with customers. This course will teach you how to segment, personalise, automate, and most importantly, how to craft a compelling brand story that builds a loyal fan base.

Joshua Daniels

CEO at GoAmplify
I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Adam on a few projects and he is by far the most knowledgable email marketing specialist I know. I frequently recommend his services and content, and have seen first hand the value his knowledge and expertise brings to his clients. Adam is the real deal and my go-to person for everything related to email marketing.

Justin Butlion

CEO at ProjectBI
I’ve had the chance to learn from Adam about how to properly use the email channel to build a communication that favors customers and helps with profitability. There are a lot of fake email marketing gurus that will position email as an acquisition channel, depleting revenues and causing massive churn for how badly it’s being used. Take this course to understand how email fits into the bigger picture of growing a business and how you can build long lasting relationships with your customers.

Juliana Jackson

Sr. Data and Optimisation Strategist at Media Monks
Adam is a true subject matter expert in the world of email marketing. He has been a great help to myself and team in drastically improving our overall email strategy. Adam takes a very holistic approach to email marketing, focusing on both short term revenue gains in addition to giving email subscribers a great brand experience for long term brand value. I can't recommend Adam and his team highly enough.

alex stark

Co-founder at Ogee


Who is this course for?

This is a course for high-level DTC operators and email marketing agency owners who want to improve their understanding of how email & SMS can support businesses KPI's such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Repurchase Rates and Returning Customer Revenue while also improving Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Ultimately, this course is for marketers serious about using email to support wider business growth goals and not be siloed to channel-centric performance.

Who is this course NOT for?

This course will not cover things such as adding a coupon code into an abandoned cart or how to inflate email-attributed revenue for screenshots on social media. You can get a taster of how in-depth this course is from our Klaviyo email marketing course summary.

Do not buy this course for basic things you can get from the FAQ documentation in Klaviyo. Buy it when you want to think like a business owner and learn advanced strategies that will move the needle as well as diagnose when your business is in trouble.

How fast can I expect to get results from this course?

The course is designed so that you can jump into any lesson and implement a strategy immediately upon watching it. You do not have to pass through the whole 4 hours in a linear format; you can pick and choose which strategies to implement from the get-go depending on where you're at with your business.

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