About Us

We help eCommerce businesses increase profits and retention with bespoke email & SMS marketing strategy and world-class design.

About us

We’re not a traditional marketing agency.

We’ve also owned and built successful stores ourselves before entering the game. During this time, we realised that Email is the most powerful marketing channel in terms of ROI and increasing your store’s revenue on autopilot.

We help you to leverage the power of “Owned Marketing”, where you’re in control of your own data to drive sales and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Our Team


Adam Kitchen

Adam is unhealthily obsessed with all things eCommerce. A direct-response copywriter by trade, he’s been designing email automation & building funnels since the dinosaurs first roamed the earth. Adam has digital marketing running through his veins and has successfully built and owned his own sports nutrition store previously.

Fun fact: Adam used to be a kindergarten teacher in Hong Kong and has lived in 4 different countries throughout his life.

Andrew Langhorn

Name an online business, and Andy’s been involved in it. Holiday lettings websites, eCommerce, and even his own side-hustle of manufacturing kombucha. Andy was happily managing his own digital agency before Adam forced him to build an eCommerce focused email marketing agency. He now acts as Chief Operating Officer inside the company.

Fun fact: Adam replaced Andy at his first ever job at 17 years old when Andy left (e-commerce manager at a sports nutrition company).

Hannerie Burden

Project Manager
With years of client-facing experience, I learned that communication is the key ingredient to success—particularly in Project Management. I have had the privilege of working with corporate giants through to micro startups with experience in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, website design, and web development.  I put my heart into my work and service each account with the same level of integrity and respect.

Fun Fact: I'm seriously addicted to Sudoku.

Eric Wall

Eric is the head copywriter at Magnet Monster. He hustled his way out of a dead end factory job by creating and selling affiliate websites. When he realized copywriting was his forte he dove into it with a gusto. He soon discovered that email marketing was the most fun (and profitable) and has been writing email copy for eCommerce brands ever since.

Fun fact: Eric and Adam were practically neighbors in Bangkok, Thailand and they didn’t even know it.

Brandon Salindo

Art Director
Brandon runs art direction at Magnet Monster. He has over 8 years of creative experience ranging from app design to merchandise illustration and everything in between. With a keen eye for detail, he makes sure every email brings a premium and impactful experience to our client’s brands.

Fun Fact: Brandon runs a baby apparel brand during nap times and in-between diaper changes.

Valeria Garcia

Graphic Designer
Those beautiful emails you see in our portfolio? Valeria probably designed them. A branding expert, Valeria specialises in Illustrator, 2D animation and web design, also carving out her niche as an expert email designer. She graduated from the prestigious Digital Design Center of Valencia, Venezuela, before finding a loving home at Magnet Monster.

Fun Fact: Valeria laughs so much we sometimes feel like we’re all part of one big virtual comedy club on Zoom.

Sarah Sucupira

Graphic Designer
In 2016, Sarah moved to New York City to work as a Social Media intern for a fashion group. The HR had mistaken her for a graphic designer so she decided to fake it until she makes it. That’s worked out well for Magnet Monster, and she joined the team in 2020 and has been designing awesome emails ever since.

Fun Fact: Her first job ever was at Disney World in Florida and she can order gelato in 4 languages.

Hagai Bass

Email Strategist
After directing CRM strategy for one of Europe’s largest luxury fashion brands, Hagai decided to jump into the agency game and apply his love for the customer journey with our growing list of clients. Hagai can usually be found living inside client accounts meticulously looking for areas of opportunity to exploit.

Fun Fact: Hagai first became friends with Adam back in 2013 when they both lived in Hong Kong. 8 years later, they’ve reunited as work colleagues!

Brian Potopowicz

Brian is a former corporate slog, who left all that behind to pursue a new life in Italy. He comes to the table with years of agency and eCommerce experience. As a born-again email marketer, he loves to obsess over data and find opportunities to grow your business. Most weekends he can be found touring around Tuscany, looking for new wines to try.

Fun Fact: Although he hates winter, he is an avid snowboarder and is always planning his next trip to the Alps.

Leah Magee

Project Manager
Leah worked extensively in retail until realising there is always room to grow, especially when it comes to online sales. From working full-time during a degree, she managed to conjure the experience to really throw herself into the e-commerce marketing sector and explore new avenues, all whilst learning more.

Fun Fact: Leah is obsessed with cats and all things fluffy (a crazy cat lady if you must), and has a tattoo of her cat, as popular musician Amy Winehouse...

Cristina Costa

Email Strategist
Cristina has worked in eCommerce for the past 8 years managing the email strategy for brands such as GO Outdoors. She is hooked by the human element of email marketing and is always on the search for new ways of making communication more personal and valuable. She was running her own email marketing agency until she met Adam and decided to join the team.

Fun Fact: Cristina is a qualified holistic massage therapist and can juggle with fire.

Tamiris Barros

Graphic Designer
Tamiris fell in love with art as a child, and has been drawing, painting, doing calligraphy, and designing her entire life: it became her career. Nowadays, this Brazilian Art Director and her sketchbook are living happily ever after, venturing into new lands and illustrating the next chapter of their story together.

Fun Fact: Someone in Colombia actually has one of Tamiris drawings of a mermaid eating a burger with an alien octopus tattooed across her leg and no, they don’t know each other.

Rina Isanan

Q.A. Manager
Rina left the corporate world to be in control of her time, Rina finds her passion in entrepreneurship & email marketing. In the last 3 years, she’s been working with different projects in e-commerce while running her own business: silkscreen printing services.

Fun Fact: During her free time, she plays Barbie with her daughter and thinking of her next pizza recipe. She loves getting involved in different community outreach programs for the tribes in the Philippines.

Wiehan Britz

Head of Operations
The t-shaped marketer, who in his head, is going to save the world little by little. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, he has dedicated himself to set sail in the world of experiential email marketing. Not only that, but he will play a critical role in seeing MagnetMonster grow to monstrous heights. He is the craftsman behind our operations and processes.

Fun Fact: When he was a lot younger (thankfully), he dressed up as Hulk and Spiderman to entertain kids at birthday parties for an extra income.

Paul Labuschagne

Project Manager

Fun Fact:

Myrell Isana

Q.A Tester
Myrell Worked in a Digital Marketing Agency in Australia for 3 years as a Social Media Manager and a part of the Website Development team. She really does not like riding buses and trains, very much a homebody. So after graduating college she felt as if she also graduated from travelling via public transport. Since she doesn’t like working outside, her sister inspired her to explore the digital marketing world and she fell in love with it. (Her sister Rina also works with MM!)

Fun Fact: Pescatarian since birth, so she has developed this talent of removing ground meat from any dish that she likes to eat. She does this super fast and no matter how tiny Myrell will spot it!

Sidhartha Sekhar Sahoo

Development Team
A certified email marketing specialist. Sidhartha has been in the email domain for more than 8 years. He loves this marketing channel as it has the highest ROI if implemented correctly. He has been involved in both B2C and B2B email marketing strategies during his professional career.

Fun fact: Though not from the UK, Sidhartha is a huge fan of Manchester United and is currently hoping Sir Alex Ferguson can come back and salvage them.

Olivia Darlington

Graphic Designer
Olivia has been busy creating since she can first remember. Her career started at the age of four, adding to her Mum's drawings - unknown to her, exclaiming that they were now 'finished!' Her experience in costume design, illustration and visual design has made her an all-rounder in generating creative ideas that push the boundaries. She relishes designing stunning visual layouts that grab your attention and leave you wanting more.

Fun fact: She dressed Zombies and Barbarians in her previous costuming roles. Her speciality was 'breakdown' - the process that makes a character's attire look 'rough around the edges!'

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