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Case studies



Stranded Hair Group is an online store and retailer, who produces stunning hair extensions designed to empower their customers with confidence. They were struggling to get their flow strategy up and running with Klaviyo and reached out to us to get the ball rolling on this crucial channel.

Magnet Monster created a full email automation set-up on Klaviyo to optimise flow revenue throughout the customer journey. At the time of sign-off (in 90 days), Stranded Hair Group were driving over 20% of total sales through the flows and 30% of total revenue through email. We expect this to go close to 40% of total revenue in the following 2 months.

"We worked with Magnet Monster to build a structured email marketing strategy on Klaviyo and the whole experience has been a success. Working with Helen on the email designs was a pleasure, Helen was very accommodating when design alterations were needed and nothing was ever too much trouble. Adam's advice throughout was also helpful, his knowledge and experience with Klaviyo is obvious. I would recommend Magnet Monster if you are looking for help with implementing an efficient and profitable email strategy."

Emma Howe
Director at Stranded Hair Group
Design screens

Welcome Flow Automations

Incentivising new customers to get that clip-in confidence.

Cart Abandonment Flow Automations

70% of customers abandon their cart. This powerful marketing automation helped salvage up to 15% of Stranded hair Group’s customers that would have otherwise been lost.

Browse Abandonment Flow Automations

Trigger personalised emails based on users browsing behaviour.

Post Purchase Flow Automations

We were able to drive an incredible 8% repeat order rate within the first 3-days of customers placing their first order with a strategically placed upsell.

Product Replenishment Flow Automations

Hair extensions have a shelf life like most products. We designed an automated email flow to remind customers when it's time to stock up again which will be specifically timed based on their first purchase date.

VIP Flow Automations

Turning loyal customers into brand evangelists with this enticing indoctrination sequence.

Customer Winback Flow Automations

Bringing advertising costs down and keeping customers engaged with the brand before they fall off the purchase lifecycle.


Little Big Playroom

Little Big Playroom specialise in modern ball pits with timeless colour palettes. See how we brought that same beautiful aesthetic into their email marketing strategy.



Spotlight Oral Care

Spotlight Oral Care approached Magnet Monster to build their email automation set-up on Klaviyo. Alongside managing their email marketing campaigns, we constructed a complete, comprehensive customer journey of behavioural flows triggered by on-site behaviour and experiential email marketing that delighted the customer upon each stage of their journey. See the results for yourself!



Sleep Easy

SleepEasy is on a mission to heal society through the power of sleep. Their flagship pillow, the EasySleeper™, is an award-winning sleep aid and their product range has been specifically engineered to provide customers with tranquil, restorative sleep so they can live their best lives. We focused on crafting an outstanding customer journey, building value with each email and every touchpoint customers received along the way.




Alfy approached Magnet Monster with more than a sales focus from their email marketing: they wanted to create truly memorable, “wow factor” emails that delighted their customer base with a highly visual Klaviyo set-up. Being in the beauty industry, it can take a lot to stand out, however, we will let the examples show you otherwise!




V&YOU is a lifestyle brand focused on premium active ingredients designed to enhance the vibe of its customers' lives.



Stranded Hair Group

Stranded Hair Group produces stunning hair extensions designed to empower their customers with confidence.



Soccer Supplement

Soccer Supplement creates footballer supplements designed to help players unleash their potential.



Erazor Bits

Erazor Bits approached Magnet Monster looking to scale up their new D2C e-commerce operation on Shopify.



We designed a comprehensive roadmap that covered innumerable permutations across the customer lifecycle.




We provide ongoing consultancy, staff training, and bespoke strategy for their email automation and monthly campaigns to help increase their overall sales and monthly revenue.



Ben Garelick

Ben Garelick provides stunning and bespoke diamonds, gold and fine jewellery with unparalleled service for its clients.




Duradry produces products to help those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, to keep them feeling and smelling good all day long.



Flighty Mixers

Flighty Premium Mixers bring the flavour to the party every time, in order to match this, they came to Magnet Monster to create a tasteful and colourful email strategy.


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