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At Magnet Monster, we understand that in the new digital era, it is not enough to just post on social media and hope that customers come your way. A thorough email marketing strategy paired with a killer inbound marketing approach is the ultimate partnership. We are a passionate and dedicated email marketing agency that aims to deliver expert email marketing services, no matter where you are located.

For any email marketing campaign that we take on, our email service is capable of increasing your revenue and furthering the reach of your brand. This can be seen in our host of case studies.

The Advantages of Email Marketing For Your Business

Regardless of the type of business you have, whether it be a traditional brick-and-mortar business or an online business, successful email marketing is always going to be an essential marketing tool that will generate new and repeatable business.

Email content has been an integral part of business marketing strategy for years, but because it’s considered an ‘old’ tactic for converting clients or customers, it can be disregarded by the majority of businesses in your niche.

If you’re an open-minded business owner, you will know that collecting email addresses, building an email list, and implementing killer email marketing strategies to attract, convert, and retain customers and clients can be one of your best weapons to blow your competition out of the water.

Complementing email marketing with inbound and paid media will be the ultimate recipe for finding and keeping your target audience for a lifetime. High-quality email designs for engagement or promotional-based emails, irresistible call-to-actions, and optimisation of flows and campaigns can lead the way to being the most powerful marketing channel you’re active on.

At Magnet Monster, our experience in building successful online businesses has opened our eyes to how influential email marketing services can be, which is why we’re now looking to provide businesses with endless opportunities to generate long-term wealth with their company.

Creating Top-of-Mind Awareness With Email Marketing

As a business in the new digital era, it is now easier than ever with all the available tools to implement a digital marketing strategy, whether that be social media marketing, B2B marketing, content marketing, or any other online marketing platform.

However, with the rise in competition and the quality of business work increasing, you must ensure that you’re ready to tackle your competitors and stamp your authority in your niche of work.

However, here at Magnet Monster, our mission is to assist your business in becoming a top-of-mind authority when people come to visit your product or service. Being a leader and the go-to company in your industry creates a snowball effect for more customers and clients to purchase from you, as you’re seen as the upper echelon.

As we manage and create email marketing campaigns, flows, designs, and many more, our customer and data-driven email marketing automation plans will be tailored to your target audience to keep customers/clients long-term.

Our Approach to Creating Hungry Customers and Clients

With our detailed planning approach, before we begin sending out our bespoke emails to the masses, we must hear the thoughts of the customer journey before we jump right into what we think we need to do.

If you already have a great understanding of your competition and who you want to reach, planning will be an imposing figure among the success built around your company by our leading email marketing agency. To achieve that success, here are some of the considerable sprinkles of gold dust that we can bring to the table:

New to Email Marketing?

If you’re a service or product-based company that has had no prior experience in creating a lead generation or customer/client acquisition and retention source through email campaigns, we’re looking to outsmart your competition without any work being handled by your side.

Using Klaviyo (an email marketing software) to connect to your product or service-based website or landing page will be what we’ll incorporate first to get the ball rolling.

As you’ve never touched or learned anything about email marketing (even though you may know the importance of it), it’s always convenient to have a team or senior strategists on hand to automate every aspect of email marketing, right?

Indeed, that's what we aim to offer your business. Therefore, if you’ve seen successes in other areas of commerce and are seeing a multitude of sales through different platforms but none from your drafted email templates, our customer and brand-focused strategies are ready to be deployed whenever you’re ready.

Have You Set Up Your Email Marketing But Don’t Know Where to Go From Here?

Our email management package will entail everything that the previous package did, but rather than a completely new set-up from scratch, our expert team will be working alongside you to automate email marketing revenue by optimising your game plan.

Everything from advanced segmentation, optimisation of flows and campaigns, continuous A/B testing, qualitative customer or client examination, providing excellent customer service, data visualisation reporting, and complete Klaviyo management will be the overall practicality of what our email marketing agency will offer to your product or service-based enterprise.

With an expert design and copywriting team, along with our core operation and project management team, you're guaranteed to be impressed with the structure and creativity of your email marketing performance.

We Want to be Your Long-Term Email Marketers

As one of the top email marketing agencies that are seeing success in other aspects of its business, we’re hungry to put the missing piece of the puzzle into your marketing strategy to maximise profits and retention with a bespoke email and SMS marketing strategy and world-class design.

We’re not your traditional digital marketing agency either. With years of experience building successful businesses online, we began to see the powerful nature of email marketing and decided to bring it to life for all our current and future business owners.

With our expert services and hand-off approach provided, it’s up to you whether you want to let us take control of your email marketing to let you focus on improving the front end or other marketing platforms of your business. Or, we’re more than happy to converse with you and help you understand what we’re trying to accomplish with our services each month.

Maximising your online presence, audience and converting as much as possible is typically what any product or service-based business (no matter how small or big they are) will want to achieve. Hence, with our hungry team, we’d be looking forward to making that happen by ensuring that your return on investment (ROI) and store revenue is maximised to reach your full potential.

If you have any quandaries or want to know where you can go to begin working with our top email marketing company, click the ‘contact us’ button in the top right-hand corner of our website and fill out our contact form. Let's explore ways to craft emails that drive conversions for your marketing platforms!

This complete email marketing guide is the exact blueprint we follow with our own clients, and a great insight into our full online educational email marketing course.

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