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Andrew Langhorn

Co-Founder & CFO Magnet Monster

Name an online business, and Andy’s been involved in it. Holiday lettings websites, Mp3 hypnosis libraries, matchmaking dating portals, eCommerce, and even his own side-hustle of manufacturing kombucha. Andy was happily managing his own digital agency before Adam forced him to build an eCommerce focused email marketing agency. He now acts as Chief Financial Officer inside the company.

Primarily I prepare tasty and nutritious clients for our hungry Monsters to feed on, by marinating them in complex technical jargon and softening them relentlessly with interactive invoices that keep them occupied and distracted, often salt and peppering them with many life choice questioning prompts during onboarding.One of the three head chefs here at Magnet Monster, it’s my sole focus to ensure all of our Monsters are appeased and appetites seen to, in a bid to maintain order out of potential chaos at all times. I typically report to the other head chefs at the company with overly bloated and long winded spreadsheet reports suggesting we simply need more clients - especially bigger, juicer ones, as you can never have enough.

My previous life experiences spanned the parallel worlds of SEO, PPC, web development, product and packaging development, and owning e-commerce stores in many different niches … all the way through to black hat marketing, affiliate marketing, and some fringe marketing that would require a CIA NDA to unlock discussions on. However, with all of that good stuff in the recipe books, it makes for some fun taste sensations to throw into the mix with our team of strategists and technicians, blending lots of old school forgotten wisdom passed down by word of mouth and mythology, with modern thought processes, ultimately to delight our clients at every turn.

Fun fact: Adam replaced Andy at his first ever job at 17 years old when Andy left to open his own online empire (e-commerce manager at a sports nutrition company).