Fractional Email & SMS Monster Package

Want to maintain design and production in-house, but feel fearful that you’re leaving money and a great customer experience on the table with your email & SMS strategy?

Clients who enlist our Fractional Email & SMS Monster Package will receive the following monthly managed services:

Dedicated Email Marketing Strategist

Your own dedicated CRM strategist will be available to answer any questions you have pertaining to Klaviyo and schedule a monthly call to analyse your roadmap.

Segmentation Strategy Management

We’ll help you to deploy the best possible segmentation strategy for your business to maximise campaign performance.

Private Masterclasses & Exclusive Content

We host quarterly masterclasses for all of our clients by invite only. By working with us, you’ll receive exclusive access to these sessions as well as being the first to know about new Klaviyo features, integrations and strategies working well across CRM.

Zero-party Data Strategy

It’s all the rage these days, and for good reason: zero-party data can help improve every area of your business, from CRO to ads strategy, to delivering personalised customer experiences across the funnel. We'll help you to create a strategy from day 1 that's effective.

Advanced A/B Testing Log

We will maintain a diligent A/B testing log and propose ongoing monthly tests in your current CRM setup to aggressively iterate on, leading to incremental improvements and learnings across your business.

Reporting in Tableau

We’ve created our own bespoke analytics dashboard that can instantly identify best performing emails, analyse trends and monitor ongoing performance each month across flows, campaigns and list growth inside your account to make strategic suggestions.
Starting from $3K USD per month
For years, clients have been approaching us and begging for account support for their in-house teams while retaining control over their brand identity. While we’ve typically shunned these opportunities in order to prioritise our flagship fully managed service, we’ve worked hard over the last few months to create a separate offering that caters for customers who want to tap into our brainpower and best practices but maintain control over production in-house.
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