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Email marketing has and still does play a pivotal role in how a customer maintains a close relationship with the company when they’re purchasing a product from their eCommerce website.

As modern digital marketing technology continues to surge, it becomes more and more challenging to stand out from the crowd, especially with all of the up-and-coming tools stealing the show. Yet, even with all the fancy mechanisms, email marketing still stands out and continues to be the cornerstone of an elite marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses.

You can rest assured that the new digital era is making it easier for email marketing to help businesses skyrocket their sales and drive repeat customer revenue for future endeavours too.

Consequently, if you want to take advantage of this sustainable yet extremely influential content marketing tool, Magnet Monster is here to assist you in your efforts to become a force to be reckoned with in your respected niche with eCommerce email marketing.

Benefits of Having an Email Marketing Agency as an eCommerce Business

Now that eCommerce businesses have become popular within every niche when selling their individual products, rather than sticking to the traditional brick-and-mortar hard sell, you now have the ability to reach your target audience and create transactional and marketing emails like never before.

Rather than sticking to your local customers, you’re now able to reach out to anyone around the world who is interested in the product you have to offer (if you’re willing to ship worldwide).

Once the customer has found your product via inbound marketing or paid media, email marketing is a powerful way to track the customer's behaviour, meaning that they will be given recommendations based on what they’ve purchased before and retargeted in a cost-efficient way.

Additionally, by tracking your eCommerce performance through email marketing, you’ll also be able to see who has abandoned their checkout cart. Therefore, if they’ve already provided you with their email address, you will be able to automatically set up an abandoned cart email to remind the customer that they haven’t completed the purchase in their shopping cart.

Classy, professional, and branded email designs that are tailored to your business's culture will ensure that the customers on your email list trust your work and will always want to go to you for any of their needs related to what you’re selling.

The correct flows, designs, and campaigns assure that this will become a reality if you choose to go with Magnet Monster, as we don’t hold back once we begin work with you.

Obtaining the Correct Email Marketing Services For Your eCommerce Business

Email marketing has become much more than just something that you could potentially implement to gain a few more sales for your business; it can now be one of the biggest investments you ever make to increase your profits on a month-to-month basis.

Regardless of whether you already have email marketing set up or you’re a complete beginner when it comes to building your email list, setting up welcome series-triggered emails, manufacturing campaigns to increase open rates, etc., a team of experts (if they know what they’re doing) will always have a solution to bring to the table.

Like anything else, email marketing is not an easy strategy to implement by yourself if you’ve never delved into the depths of a backend extravaganza. Therefore, it does take a lot of effort, understanding of customer behaviour, and expertise to execute a killer strategy on your eCommerce platform.

For the vast majority of eCommerce businesses, emails have most likely been neglected as an unworthy piece of marketing automation that won’t shift your profit margins whatsoever when trying to cross-sell your products.

Yet, when you start building eCommerce brand awareness and an audience that looks forward to seeing your engagement emails, personalised emails, promotional emails, and even transactional emails and invests their time and money into your products, it can potentially be a never-ending growth cycle from here!

At Magnet Monster, we can work alongside your eCommerce business as a marketing partner like we have done for a multitude of our vast case study roster, in order to boost your revenue and the percentage of deals coming through your email marketing tools. We’re aiming to drive the majority of your sales, so be aware of our lifecycle marketing strategists and their unmatched tenacity.

How Will We Generate Huge Results For Your eCommerce Business

If you’re a complete beginner to email marketing and have never taken the time to learn the strategies, design an email template, and try and test thousands of opposing designs, campaigns, and flows for eCommerce email marketing best practices, it isn’t easy to see success with your conversion rates.

However, with Magnet Monster, we’ve worked with a plethora of eCommerce businesses and have found the key to success, no matter what field of work you’re in. Here’s what we pride ourselves on with your eCommerce store:

If You Have an Email Marketing Account Set up

You may have dabbled in the confusing realm of email marketing and managed to get your account set up, but you can’t quite seem to maintain consistent email revenue with your marketing campaigns.

Well, our monthly eCommerce email marketing management services would fit the bill extremely well. We’re hungry to execute all of our marketing tactics to take advantage of all the customers you’re missing out on through superior call-to-action techniques.

Our monthly email marketing strategy plan will give you an excellent indicator of what is to come in the month ahead when it comes to forging sales via optimisation of flows, segmenting your list, ongoing A/B testing and experimentation, qualitative customer research, data visualisation, and complete Klaviyo management.

If You’re Brand New to Email Marketing

On the flip side, if you’re a complete beginner, email automation and a complete Klaviyo (an email marketing software) set-up via our world-class team of senior email marketing brainiacs will be the solution you desire in order to see new and excited customers enter your brand's identity.

Rather than suffering on your own, we will be able to provide you with a hands-off approach to your email marketing strategy to cover all bases. Your customer’s journey is important, and it is our job to make sure order confirmations come through; thus, they stay for a lifetime.

No more stressing about what segmentation is or the best ways to A/B test because our dedicated specialists will be able to assist you with everything email marketing... all on autopilot.

Why Choose Magnet Monster For eCommerce Email Marketing

No matter whether it is a clean slate of results that we have to generate for you, or, you feel as though optimisation strategies need to be enforced - we’re up for any challenge that comes our way.

Our goal here at Magnet Monster—and the inevitable outcome—is to attract, convert, and retain more customers with experiential email marketing. Therefore, if you’re looking to take a leap, we may be a sales-generating monster but we don’t bite… so don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll communicate what we believe is the best way to move forward for your eCommerce business.

This complete email marketing guide is the exact blueprint we follow with our own clients, and a great insight into our full online educational email marketing course.

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