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  • Work with a smart, driven, and talented team from around the world (yes, you need to love working remote as there is no office environment)
  • We offer competitive compensation
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Senior leadership team is supportive and transparent
  • You'll accomplish more in a year than you have the past three years as you continue to grow and learn new life strategies
  • Continuous feedback cycles to optimize the way we work
  • Robust Klaviyo knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the platform
  • Rudimentary understanding of Excel, preferably intermediate for managing campaigns, planning and basic reporting
  • Analytical and data-driven mindset
  • Clear communicator as you'll be leading the charge on client calls when it comes to all things email and SMS strategies
  • An appetite to be the best at what you do and drive innovation - this one is paramount and core to the culture of the company
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Very organized. Keeping on top of comments and feedback from the team, time blocking for important tasks, and managing your day and delegating where necessary is critical to succeeding in the role
How to apply and our hiring process:

Phase 1: Complete the pre-screening form here.
If you are successful, you will move onto the next phase of our interview process.

Phase 2:  If successful, you will be invited to a secondary video interview.

Phase 3: Meet-and-greet call with our COO

Phase 4: Paid assignment → we'll send you the brief

Phase 5: Shortlist all candidates

Phase 6: Present you with an offer to join our team full-time

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High-level overview of the role

Your job is to direct CRM strategy for some of the most exciting and disruptive D2C brands in the industry. You will work in a variety of niches from subscriptions to one-time purchases. Clients could be selling refillable, eco-friendly deodorant, luxury jewelry, mattresses, or automotive parts. Part of the excitement of the role is the diversity in businesses you'll learn to understand and gain experience with.

Within this role, you should have a solid understanding of core metrics as they pertain to the business goals (CAC, LTV, retention/repurchase rate, etc.) and use these to inform your strategy. Your strategic role is to primarily build great automation systems and ongoing campaigns across email, SMS, and direct mail for the brands you operate, having a strong vision for what will move the needle on their core business objectives.

You will be part of a team of 6 individuals who are responsible for executing your strategy. We expect you to be a leader on the accounts you operate, own results for the clients, and be the primary point of contact for strategic oversight.

Roles and responsibilities include creating visual roadmaps on Miro; managing a campaign planning schedule within Excel; conducting reporting within our software on a monthly basis; attending client meetings prepared to present your strategy and directing your team to execute your vision.

You should have a strong understanding of Klaviyo as this is the only software we use to manage our clients, although they do work across a range of ecomm platforms, primarily Shopify but others as well.

You need to be a strong communicator and excellent team player. An agency requires people to pull together, and we have a wonderful, supportive team that we expect you to fit into and contribute to.

We expect the person chosen for this role to be a self-starter. The businesses we operate on are dynamic and despite us having excellent SOPs and learning resources within the company, there will always be instances where we need to think outside the box. When this happens, we want the strategist to take the responsibility on themselves to find the solution and not default to asking the leadership team to solve it.

With that being said, you will get mentorship from our leadership team, ongoing training from industry experts, and supportive career development as we expand into events, private communities and learning resources such as courses which are all part of our company vision.

We want to own the retention marketing space in eCommerce for CRM, and we expect the strategists to be a part of this movement.

Who we are:

We help eCommerce businesses increase profits and retention with bespoke email & SMS marketing strategy and world-class design.

We’re not a traditional marketing agency.

We’ve also owned and built successful stores ourselves before entering the game. During this time, we realized that email is the most powerful marketing channel in terms of ROI and increasing your store’s revenue on autopilot.

We help you to leverage the power of “Owned Marketing”, where you’re in control of your own data to drive sales and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

We work with
some SUPER exciting
Ecommerce brands
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