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Here at Magnet Monster, we've been involved with Klaviyo for a number of years, and email marketing with Klaviyo is every business's best bet for seeing exponential growth within their field. If you're a business that has recently transferred to becoming an online business and is looking to expand its revenue potential, our years of experience make it much easier to convert your target audience through an efficient email marketing strategy.

It’s Time to Increase Your Profits With Klaviyo on Your Shopify Store

Klaviyo is slowly becoming the most renowned marketing software to create successful campaigns and flows to drive profitable revenue with email and SMS. Therefore, ensuring that you’re taking advantage of this integration is paramount to the steady growth of your business.

If you have an online store partnered with Shopify, you should be doing everything you can to figure out how to implement a killer Klaviyo email marketing strategy into your business, and that is most likely why you’ve found yourself here.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Klaviyo email marketing specialists have been working with many successful DTC businesses over the years to help their customers attract, convert, and retain more profitable revenue.

Yet, this just isn’t the case because no matter where you are on the business ladder (small, medium, or large), at Magnet Monster, we are seeing both legacy brands and start-ups benefit from our email marketing strategies, irrespective of their number of years in business.

Creating the Highest Percentage of Revenue Possible Using Klaviyo

At Magnet Monster, it is our duty to equip you with email designs, email flows, and email marketing campaigns that you can be proud to be associated with when sending your product to your customers.

Even though email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, open rates and conversion rates, if done correctly, remain your most powerful marketing channels for retaining customers. The mastermind behind this plan is partnering with a Klaviyo account and elite-level email marketing experts.

Sending personalised emails and crafted messages to those on their customer journey through your Shopify website will engage with customers, giving them more of a reason (or a reminder with abandoned carts, welcome flows, and post-purchase automation) to buy from your product range.

As we’ve created these customer journeys thousands of times throughout our time working with successful businesses in multiple niches, we understand that there are many layers, such as advanced segmentation, optimisation of flows or campaigns, customer research, etc., in order to reap the lucrative rewards you’re searching for.

That’s why we’ve spent hours curating different strategies and techniques to maximise the results for each client. Our experience with being able to deal with any forthcoming situation allows us to flourish under pressure and show our true capabilities.

Our Detailed Procedure to Get You More Sales Through Klaviyo

At Magnet Monster, we understand that every business is different, whether that be the niche that you’re promoting or the size of your company; consequently, the fundamentals may be similar, but we’re not here to give everyone the same treatment and push you to the side.

Each project is an exciting time for our designers, copywriters, operations, and project management teams to break down and work out what will work best for you moving forward. Here is what you can expect from our specialist team:

Optimising Your Klaviyo Performance

As a business that may have already dipped in and out of the email marketing scene on your Shopify store using Klaviyo, it will be great to get an understanding of how your high-level business is operating and how you’re looking to move forward with email marketing being the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

After we’ve developed a killer long-term plan for your email marketing automation platform together, we’ll be looking to dive right into the action.

Everything from flows, campaigns, and designs will be optimised to our highest standards, while segmenting your email list, winning back abandoned checkouts, ongoing A/B experimentation, customer service, data reports, and more will be explored and managed finely until we see upper-echelon results.

Dissecting and setting your business up for success may not be what you want to hear all the time, but trusting our marketing efforts and experience will be something you’ll get used to when working with our results-driven specialists.

Completing Your Klaviyo Set-Up and Managing All Responsibilities

For this section, our e-commerce veterans will be on hand to give you ruthless commitment during the first stages of your setup, all the way to when you see your goals being crushed before your eyes.

A complete Klaviyo setup on your Shopify store will help to get your business up and running, with your flows being automated towards your active users and customers viewing your products.

Ensuring that the Klaviyo setup gives you the best chance of attracting, converting, and retaining customers even after their first purchase is what we’re looking for. A sustainable email automation system is what you need in order to reap long-term growth once you begin to find success with it.

Locate the Right Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency

Performance can be underwhelming sometimes from Klaviyo email marketing agencies that promise the world but don’t deliver. Whereas, here at Magnet Monster, our digital marketing results for companies all over the globe speak for themselves as we let our results and social proof do the talking.

Email marketing requires a lot of technical ability, perseverance, and putting the correct systems in place to provide customers with a pleasant experience along their customer journey. Creating a business that is relied upon within their industry is what we’re looking to create, so you can dominate your field of work.

Why not press the contact us button in the top right-hand corner of our website and let our team decide what we need to implement for your business’ success? Our specialists would love to go through your portfolio, niche, and previous experience to gauge what we can do to send you in the right direction as a business.

Therefore, if you feel as though you’re relatively successful (even a hyper-successful company) with the goal of reaching new heights with this marketing channel, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We don’t bite, but our results might.

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