How To Do Email Marketing For Shopify

How To Do Email Marketing For Shopify
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Email marketing has come a long way in the past few years with online businesses rallying and shaping up a completely new shift in marketing as we knew it. Some companies adapted extremely well and others couldn’t move with the times and had to end up filing for bankruptcy. 

Now, there are thousands of tools available to help online businesses to maximise their productivity and efficiency in working hours but choosing the correct platforms is something that can be challenging, to begin with. 

For eCommerce email marketing campaigns, Shopify has been proven as a tried and true platform that integrates email marketing features extremely well for product-based enterprises. However, you may be wondering how to do email marketing for Shopify and that is what Magnet Monster are looking to assist you with today in this article!

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is an online platform that allows start-up or established companies to grow and maintain a high-level eCommerce store through key business processes. It not only gives you the point-of-sale platform to sell your products but it also has a myriad of marketing tools to help you dominate your competitors. 

Anything from website creation, social media and email marketing campaigns to supporting healthy SEO performance and useful integrations for dropshipping - Shopify has it all. One of the main features of Shopify is that it allows you to manage all your inventory directly in one place, keeping your products organised into different categories. 

Additionally, you can fulfil your orders through Shopify for order automation for repeat customers and/ or loyal customers - along with marketing automation tools to keep all of your customer journeys aligned with where you need them to be. 

There isn’t much you can’t do on this wonderful platform, but how can you use this eCommerce space to enhance your email marketing performance? Let’s take a deeper dive into it. 

How to do Email Marketing For Shopify?

You may know that there is a multitude of email marketing integrations you can plug into your Shopify store. Still, you may not know that Shopify itself has an email marketing software section of its own and we’re going to show you how to navigate and use it to your advantage, whether you’re looking to create transactional emails, abandonment emails, etc. 

Here is how you set up your first email when learning how to do email marketing for eCommerce.

  1. From the home screen on Shopify, go to the ‘Marketing’ section
  2. There will be a ‘create campaign’ button that you’ll need to press
  3. Click ‘Shopify email’ to specify that you want email marketing
  4. Pick an email template that you like the visual aesthetic of
  5. Next, press ‘To’ and choose a customer segment
  6. Whatever your subject is for the email will need to go in
  7. Once this is all setup, it is your time to be creative with the email body text

Following these steps will allow you to create and send your first email, but there is a lot more detail that you can explore with Shopify emails. Getting creative and editing opposing sections of your email to your current email list will allow you to see a higher ROI through the analytics. 

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What Are the Different Editing Options You Have For Your Shopify Email?

There is a range of editing options that Shopify presents to its audience when creating email campaigns and email flows for your potential and current customers. Investigating the templates available and the colours you’re going to use to present your brand to others can be illustrated by default examples. Here are the opportunities you have to edit your email sequences:

Written Text

With your main body text, whether that be for a landing page, product page, etc - there are countless ways to make your content appear superior - compared to your early attempts at email marketing. With Shopify, whether it be an abandoned cart email sequence or a discount-offering email, you will be able to modify the font, colour, alignment and weight of your text - whilst being able to add links to text too.

Likewise, with the headings, your body will match the font. However, the size of your headings will be much larger than the original body text - to help customers understand the structure of the email. 


In your email, mixing it up and adding images within the text will help split up the content - helping to regain the reader's attention. With your images, whether they’re free stock or brand pictures, you have the capability to rework the width and background colour. 

Adding alt text and/ or links will also be accessible to your images, giving your image some purpose within the midst of the text.

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Pop-Up Product

The image of the product with the price is possibly the most vital as it forms emotional and logical triggers on whether the customer likes the look of the product and wants to impulsively buy. 

If your current product picture/ price isn’t working, with Shopify’s editing options, you can alter the button, layout, text, background colour and many more features that can transform the decision of the customer to purchase or not. 

Button to Buy

Your CTA can psychologically impact the customers' decision to make a payment for your product. You can adjust the font size, button colour, text colour, corner styles, etc. Assessing the performance of each call to action (CTA) through the analytics dashboard will help you to understand which button works best for purchase. 

There are many other areas that you can explore when editing your Shopify email templates for optimal conversion rate so you’re not leaving money on the table such as the discount offer, order confirmations, express checkout, etc which you can play around with.

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Should You Use Shopify Directly For Email Marketing?

At Magnet Monster, we believe Shopify is the best CMS for an eCommerce brand as it can compile a load of marketing tools together to form an unbeatable structure - both in the front and back end. 

However, using Shopify’s direct email marketing tools to collect payments and create a marketing automation structure will limit your abilities. Instead, we would recommend you use Shopify as your point-of-sale system, but use Klaviyo as an integration to your Shopify store instead for email marketing. 

For email marketing with Shopify, Klaviyo email marketing in our opinion is the leading provider with tons of email templates, email designs and excellent split testing analytics to break down your email marketing performance.

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