3D Printing Vitamins - Interview with Melissa Snover

3D Printing Vitamins - Interview with Melissa Snover
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When Melissa Snover dropped a bag of supplements all over the floor in airport security, she knew there must be a better solution to personalising health and wellness. Nourished was born with this concept at the forefront of its offering.

Q: Melissa, personally speaking, I have worked in the supplements industry for over 13 years, and never seen this type of concept before. How was the idea born?

A: I have personally been interested in nutrition and have been an avid consumer of vitamins and supplements for over a decade. As a busy entrepreneur, I travel all over the world and used to constantly carry around different vitamins with me in a bag which was extremely inconvenient. On one such occasion, I accidentally dropped my bag of supplements all over the floor in airport security and had to crawl round in my suit and heels trying to pick them up. I knew there must be an easier way to take nutrition! 

I sought out to find a way to simplify the way we take vitamins and make the combinations 100% customised to the consumer. Of all the things we personalise, our health and wellness should be top priority!

Q: What challenges did you have to overcome to build such a personalised product into a functioning e-commerce website?

A: The most challenging element of the web build was certainly accommodating the almost unlimited combinations of Nourishments which could make up any one stack. Whilst there are literally hundreds of thousands of possibilities, we didn’t want to overwhelm our customers at any point in their creation process. So, we developed a custom quiz which recommends 7 nutrients based on the individual’s lifestyle, diet, goals, and general health condition. Customers are able to amend their stack at any point during their subscription too, so it was critical that all integrations from the customer choosing their Nourishments, to them being 3D printed and dispatched to the repeated month on month order was as streamlined as possible. 

Q: Which digital marketing strategies have helped Nourish3d grow online?

A: Since launching Nourished exclusively into the UK in October last year, we have experienced rapid growth as a result of our digital marketing strategy. We’re all about personalisation, and this is where we’ve seen our biggest wins. Everyone is unique, and as a result – every stack we 3D print is unique as well. We keep this front of mind in all our communications and target specific audiences based on their goals, demographics, and interests, with the products and content which resonates most with them. Understanding these audiences not only helps us drive our conversions and awareness levels, but also has a direct correlation on the new products and Nourishments we develop in our lab!

Q: Given the focus on personalisation for the brand, do you find retaining customers easily once they've bought into the concept?

A: We have received extensive and extremely positive feedback from our customers that Nourished has completely streamlined their nutrition regime. Not only are their supplements now completely personalised, they no longer have to take multiple pills each day, order from lots of different suppliers and end up with cupboards full of unnecessary plastic packaging. Our customers really feel the effects of our 3D printed gummy stacks as well; much more than their pills or tablets counterparts. We make every single order on demand so that the active ingredients have a much higher efficacy when the consumer takes them, and our absorption levels are also much higher as we encapsulate all our vitamins and superfoods in our pectin gel. 

We also continually offer existing customers exclusive benefits, gifts and family and friend discounts which contribute to their overall level of satisfaction and loyalty. All these factors mean that our churn rate is very low and that we are experiencing an increasing number of referral orders who have been recommended by existing customers. 

Q: There is a focus on sustainability and ethics in the products and manufacturing. Was this challenging given the nature of the product or did it lend itself naturally to the formulas?

A: At Nourished we are incredibly passionate about sustainability and have designed our product to be as eco-friendly as possible. We extensively researched plastic free options for our packaging and committed to absorbing the additional costs to create a nutritional solution which is as good for the environment as it is for the customer. Our outer boxes are 100% recyclable and our individual flow wraps which hold the Nourished stacks are made entirely from wood pulp which can be compo-stable in just 32 weeks. 

As well as our offering being completely plastic free, we produce very little waste as our 3D printing technology allows us to create the exact amount of product required  for each individual customer on a monthly basis, so we never will have to dispose of expired or unwanted stock. We source 98% of our ingredients and materials from the UK, and all of our manufacturing and fulfilment is done in-house from our facility in Birmingham. 

We believe that every business has a responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint and we are passionate about creating products which not only nourish our consumer’s health but nourish their community and environment as well. 

Find out more about Nourished here

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