Add Value to Your Audience By Speaking in the First Person

Add Value to Your Audience By Speaking in the First Person
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Speaking in the first person on your emails adds a degree of personalisation your competitors are likely to overlook completely. Here’s how to apply it for maximum success.


Think about it logically. On a daily basis, companies are sending out hundreds of emails to your target customers inbox with non-stop promotional messages asking them to buy their products. These generic messages are often ignored, as people hate being sold to, especially by a faceless entity.

At Magnet Monster, we highly recommend having somebody ‘front’ your emails by adding their face and signature to their emails. As an example, check the footer we designed for a client of ours when signing off on his email automations below:

If you send promotional messages from a face, people can relate to that person and the email feels more human. A brand that has a face that stands behind their product/service also increases trust in the consumer, driving more conversions on your website and click-throughs on the email.

Social media has been a huge incentive for companies to adopt this approach. It’s well documented now that consumers want to hear directly from their favourite brands and speak to the people within that entity before making a purchase, and their loyalty also depends on this. Speaking in the first person, and assigning a face to your customers doesn’t have to be daunting; it can be a new opportunity to engage, receive feedback, and crucially, increase overall sales and trust in your company.


Your customers don’t want to hear from generic, faceless entities only concerned with sticking their hands in their wallets. Instead, put your face behind your brand, stand tall with integrity and offer real-life value to stand out from the crowd and ultimately, win their business.

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