Experiment With the Days & Times You Send Your Emails

Experiment With the Days & Times You Send Your Emails
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When it comes to reaching your audience with emails, first thing in the morning isn’t always the best time to hit their inbox. We examine the research behind what generates the highest open rates and click-through rates.


The Theory behind Unorthodox Email Marketing Times

Depending on your target audience/market, sending your emails at unorthodox times may generate higher click-through rates.

Research by Dan Zarrella has found that the highest click-through rates [1]* are typically on weekends (see the graph below):

Given that most people are working midweek and occupied with other tasks, it makes sense to aim to deliver your emails when people have more time to read them.

Think about it: Monday morning, you’re competing with potentially hundreds of other emails who want to get right into your potential customer’s inbox as early as 6 AM on the way to work. Are they really in the mood to purchase a yoga block from your website or think about their cars M.O.T?

But what about the right time to email your prospective customer?

The Best Time to Email Your Subscribers

This study by InfusionSoft [2]* shows most open rates typically occur during 9 AM-4 PM, with click-through rates peaking at 1 PM. See the graph below for more details:

While the information above represents good research, it’s not set in stone. Experiment with emailing your database at different times and days until you find your sweet spot for maximising open and click-through rates.

And remember, don’t be afraid to mail your list! They subscribed to you for a reason, so be sure to hit their inbox regularly to take advantage of the power of email marketing.


Could emailing your subscribers at 1 PM on a Saturday be the ideal time to maximise click-through rates? It may be unconventional practice, but experimenting with the times you send your emails can be a key driver in enhancing your businesses revenue.

Aim for when your audience is likely to have more free time to value your content and remember to email frequently for best success.


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