Founders in the Spotlight - Positively Different Solutions

Founders in the Spotlight - Positively Different Solutions
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Simon, thanks for taking part in Magnet Monster's 'Founders in the spotlight' series sharing marketing challenges, successes and ideas.

1) As a founder of  Positively Different Solutions can you explain a little bit about how it was founded and what your oganisation does?

Of course, Positively Different Solutions was born out of the experience gained from working for and with some of the biggest recruitment companies in the UK. Unfortunately the industry has a if its not broke don't fix it mentality, with a poor sales hungry mentality and rarely do I see Recruitment Companies bring anything different to the table. So as the name suggests we put together a company that brought different ideas and solutions to the market. Not only do we do the traditional recruitment of staff, we also help with retention, do fun interactive educational talks in primary and high schools about the working world, provide robotic process automation solutions and really look to offer Positive and Different Solutions to the needs of both Businesses, Candidates and even budding future CEO's in schools. We really do bring a different approach to the market!

2) How do Positively Different Solutions differ from competitors?

We offers RPA solutions! a service that can revolutionise all departments in your Business. Providing you with a 24/7, 365 days a year digital workforce at the touch of a button! Completing just about any manual process and taking care of the tasks that nobody else wants too. Leading to increased business productivity and helping retain staff not replace them!

3) Given that you're in the B2B space, what are some of the challenges in getting your services out there to other businesses?

The recruitment industry as a whole has a bad reputation due to the gung ho sales approach most recruiters take as well as the quick win mentality. This is one of the reasons we started, we wanted to show companies and client that we believe in partnerships and building relationships, not bombarding you with 50 cvs a week, 100 phone calls a month and 200 emails a quarter. We do not want to be tarred with same brush as others, and it has had its challenges changing the mindset and dare I say it almost indoctrination that recruitment companies have inflicted on businesses of all shapes and sizes.

4) Have you found it difficult to establish yourself in such a competitive market, if so, what have you done to try and overcome this?

Clients remember you if you do a good job and are more then happy to recommend your service to other businesses that they interact with, so we are very fortunate that our growth is nearly 100 percent from referrals and recommendations, this goes hand in hand with our beliefs about being almost the 'anti recruitment agency' and 'how many sales calls have you made today' is not something you will ever heard uttered at Positively Different Solutions....our service actively encourages retention and see our recruitment services as something that will help you grow or IF really needed replace...but our other services are in place to ensure you get the most Positive Solution to your businesses needs.

5) Thinking about your marketing strategy, what has worked well for you?

Investment in relationships!!! naturally I could tell you that being active on social media and getting in the papers has worked to help establish ourselves. And yes it has 'helped'....however our key strategy (if you can call it that) is build relationships and long lasting partnerships. By that I mean enjoy what we do and invest time in all our clients. Refer business to them, strengthen the ties between your organisations, there is no greater compliment then a business referring business to you and you to them. Building our network is more valuable to us then any other marketing tool!

Thank you very much for your time Simon, it's been insightful learning about how Positively Different Solutions tackles modern day marketing challenges  .

If you are interested in finding out more about Positively Different Solutions you can contact  Simon on and 01606 227705 Or for more information visit and check out our social media pages on Facebook Positively Different Solutions.

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