Top Email Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

Top Email Marketing Ideas for eCommerce
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As you enter the digital marketing world, you will soon realise that it is challenging to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and ideas while also publishing content of your own at the same time. 

This is no different for any marketing channel, but the businesses that often succeed will devise a plan of action, act on it, and then optimise accordingly when the time is right until they hit the jackpot. 

This is no different with an eCommerce email marketing strategy, and in today’s article, we’re going to discuss the top email marketing ideas for eCommerce businesses to give you a head start on your competition and boost your sales when starting out. Carry on reading to read some of our proven strategies!

What is eCommerce Email Marketing?

Regarding what eCommerce email marketing is, this is predominantly where product-based businesses use their online platform to send emails out to customers in order to attract, convert, and retain them for long-term purchase relationships. You can use these email marketing campaigns and flows to boost your online presence and conversions for successful growth.

As you look deeper into it, the primary goal of eCommerce email marketing is to build and maintain strong relationships with customers throughout their buying journey. It involves sending targeted and personalised emails to subscribers, customers, or leads to provide them with relevant information, special offers, and incentives that encourage them to make purchases.

Without a following, an online presence, or an excellent brand reputation, you’re never going to sustain a healthy, long-term business, which should be the goal of any start-up or established business owner. Customers can smell bad customer service and care for their presence a mile away, so ensuring that you’re connecting with them deeply is paramount to optimal results. 

Especially with product-based businesses, you have to be extra careful that you’re providing high-quality products along with customer service of the highest quality because you can be found out really early on. 

The Best Email Marketing Ideas For eCommerce Businesses 

Email marketing is the cornerstone of most successful online eCommerce brands and often makes up the majority of the online revenue acquired on the backend of your website. Taking advantage of these tips while promoting your high-quality products will put you levels above your competitors. Here are some of the proven ideas that have worked for clients we work with, so that you can implement them into your backend marketing strategy through clever software:

1: Welcome Series Campaign is a Must

Whether you’re a Shopify store owner or using another big eCommerce store, if you’re using eCommerce email marketing in alignment with your social media marketing channels, a Welcome email series is vital. 

Gaining a first-time customer is an achievement in itself, but retaining them by making them feel as though they're part of a movement is something you should implement. Customers who buy from you for the first time expect to hear back from you. 

Not only because it shows that you’re a legitimate business, which builds trust, but because they want to learn what your company is all about. Keeping them on board with your mission and vision can be one of the biggest contributors to generating sustainable income over a long period of time.

2: Split Test Your Emails (A/B Testing)

When creating email marketing campaigns, you should always view the performance afterwards, whether this is open rates, engagement rates, conversion rates, etc. 

However, with split testing, instead of consistently using the original promotional email, transactional email, or informative email sequence, A/B testing will allow you to change elements such as email design, demographics, email copy, and many other factors to see which email performs the best. 

Once you’ve tested multiple emails and you find one that outperforms the rest by a long way when segmenting your list, using this email for the foreseeable future within this campaign will allow you to see further success–-without leaving money on the table.

3: Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

Speaking of leaving money on the table, if you don’t have an abandoned cart email reminder sent to your customers’ email addresses who’ve added your product to their cart but left the page, this could be the difference between profit and loss—and we’re not exaggerating. 

Whether the potential customer has simply forgotten about the product they’ve added to their basket or can’t make their mind up on whether or not to purchase it, you can influence that purchase decision with your abandoned cart email. 

4: Exclusive Gifts For Loyal Subscribers

Often, businesses disregard loyal customers who have been with them for a long time or continue to buy products from their website. Yet, if you offer these repeat customers discount codes, extra promotional codes, spin the wheel competitions, etc., this will go a long way. 

The customers who keep coming back are the ones who sustain your business, so treating them with the utmost respect and giving them exclusive gifts will be worth it!

5: Promotional Sales Must be a Priority

New Year's, Christmas, Halloween, payday sales—you name it—sending promotional codes to your audience during these key times of the year is paramount to your overall success. Not only are people already excited about these upcoming events, but they’re much more likely to invest in your products based on the timing of the email. 

Ensuring that you send out email designs with discounts and incentives for your customers during these events will skyrocket your sales, and you’ll see an excellent return on investment during these email marketing campaigns. 

The Bottom Line

To succeed with email marketing tools, you must be aware of everything going on in the world and always track your results. Being smart with your timing, allowing your creativity to flow, and testing new email marketing strategies are the keys to success. 

Email marketing is not a one-size-fits-all marketing effort, as different target audiences respond better to certain designs, discounts, offers, etc. Thus, testing, trying, and tracking will be your best friends on the journey to finding success with these new email marketing ideas for eCommerce. 

If you’re looking for an eCommerce email marketing strategist to support your journey and help you with a hands-off approach in relation to boosting your backend revenue through email marketing, book a discovery call with us here at Magnet Monster today, and we’d love to see if we could work together!

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