Best Ecommerce Hacks in 2024 For Rapid Growth

Best Ecommerce Hacks in 2024 For Rapid Growth
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We sat down with digital entrepreneur Masood Akbarzai to learn about the best ecommerce hacks in 2019.

Magnet Monster (MM): What are the biggest digital marketing opportunities for the year ahead still ripe for exploration for most companies to gain an edge on the competition?

If you want to have an edge over competition, be bold about your decisions in favour of the paradigm shift in attention towards digital marketing and social media. CEO’s of companies like Nokia and Toys R Us are still out on the block just watching their sharp decline towards their bankruptcy and administration – and you can still be one of the early birds to jump onto the under-priced attention of digital marketing. Invest heavily into FB & Instagram ads and collect as much data and cheap ROI sales as possible.

I am building a soon-to-be-7-figures eCommerce business with as young as 17-year-old entrepreneurs who have little to no knowledge of product-market fit goods or business but are somehow running million-dollar businesses on eCommerce and competing against an almost trillion-dollar company Amazon. They have achieved this with nothing but reaching out to a mass audience at presently low ad cost and converting high in-demand products using Google Analytics.

Sales are either achieved before competition or off a competition business and FB ads can screen people in real-time based on what they are looking for. That’s where you’ll lose your business to a start-up or a competition that is doing their digital marketing accurately and precisely.

We can help businesses as big as BlackRock or as small as a charity shop on the corner of our street. On that note, all our marketing assistance is free of cost if you are a charity and we actively raise funds for UNICEF and Orphans In Need.

My ambition is to become a billion-dollar group in just under two decades and eradicate adverse conditions for orphans globally and create opportunities for people in destitute states via the internet.

I can be contacted via inbox on LinkedIn or contact form on the below link:

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