LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy 2024

LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy 2024
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In the last 2-3 months, I’ve consistently generated around 3-5 warm leads per week from LinkedIn that are curious/eager to work with us at Magnet Monster. Here’s what I’ve been doing to get to that level.

When we first started Magnet Monster at the beginning of the year, I knew LinkedIn would be an important part of our marketing strategy.

And while I’m not the primary sales guy on our team (Roberto is), such is start-up life, we all have to chip in at the beginning.

The problem was that I hadn’t used the platform properly before and had no idea where to start...

This, of course, has led to an enormous amount of mistakes - and a fair amount of embarrassment (radio static cold outreach...) - in the beginning.

However, I can genuinely say that at the time of writing this (roughly 7 months in), I am seeing excellent results from the platform that’s reflected in my lead generation.

Even when I’m not generating leads that could lead to sales for Magnet Monster, I’ve found that I’m on the phone nearly daily with people from here building excellent relationships with people who have been incredibly helpful and generous in the advice they’ve given our business.

Without further ado, here are my daily/weekly tasks that take around 5 hours per week (or an hour a day).

1: Driving Traffic to Magnet Monster with status updates

I post a lot on LinkedIn. Daily, without fail, to be precise (Monday-Friday). It’s got to the point where it’s an ongoing joke between a local group I’ve helped set up offline how frequently I post.

I send around 20-30 ‘quotes’ or supporting graphics to the articles we’ve written on our website (see below) to our designer every couple of months, and then bulk-schedule the content in via Hootsuite:

Frequently, if I have an article on our website that supports the quote/statistic, I’ll attempt to drive traffic back to our website.

Once you’re browsing, I use the same system we implement for clients: we attempt to capture your data with a lead magnet, and then you enter our Welcome Series of e-mails upselling you to our services.

You’re welcome to see how this works for yourself by visiting magnetmonster

LinkedIn is our highest source of referral traffic from social to our website and the bounce rate is low so it’s quality traffic.

I also duplicate the posts on to our company page, as well as Facebook & Instagram to get more bang for our buck from the posts across social media.

Posting this content builds my authority across my network as an expert as well as generating discussion on topics we can assist people with.

2: Text-Based Posts

I’m a copywriter by trade, so this comes easy to me.

Recently, my engagement has been through the roof on these posts, and I have a simple strategy I follow.

  • Create an interesting post related to pain points in my field
  • Offer solutions to these pain points
  • Use relevant hashtags at the end of the post
  • Tag people I’ve recently connected with or people in my network who may be interested in the comments section

This takes roughly 5 minutes per day and frequently results in over 1,000 views per posts.

If you can’t think of content to write related to your field each day, then go into the articles on your website and copy and paste snippets of text that will be interesting to your audience and do the same.

3: Commenting on my Networks Posts

It’s not all about me though. Where possible, I also add value to my network by commenting on their updates.

I seldom write “Nice post!” - it’s lazy and pointless. I aim to add sincere value, stimulate conversation, and engage with people.

I don’t go for volume with this strategy, but quality each day. If I can add my expertise to the discussion, then I find a flow of connection requests and profile views often follow.

Yes, I’m tapping into my networks audience and contacts, but it’s done in a respectful and contributive manner.

4: Guest Posting

I know in my network there are a lot of people interested in digital marketing. Not everyone wants lead generation & email marketing, however, so I frequently invite other connections I’ve made on LinkedIn to take advantage of my network by sharing their expertise.

This has the dual purpose of not only building relationships but also creating content for Magnet Monster’s website as well (and our social media).

An example of this is below:

tag the creator, and of course, they always share it with their network giving us free publicity as well.

It’s a win-win for both involved in this project: the creator gets to tap into my engaged network and promote their expertise, and we create excellent content from an expert.

5: Networking Groups (Offline)

Since using LinkedIn daily, I’ve been fortuitous enough to meet a lot of great people in and around London.

I helped to co-found a networking group in Richmond, and we communicate privately in our own group as well on LinkedIn supporting each other across various topics and lending advice where necessary.

There’s another goal of this group: to cross-refer each other's services when opportunities come up.

I am more than willing to recommend a client to somebody who specialises in another field if they’re seeking a particular service I cannot offer. If it’s reciprocated to me, then that’s smart business in my opinion and good karma for everyone involved.


There are other things I do on LinkedIn as well, but these are the 5 pillars that consistently generate results for me.

I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty stand-out profile and headline as well, but I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Did I miss anything off the list? Share your best strategies with me in the comments.

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