Creating the Post-Purchase Repeat Buyers Flow - The Pickapocket Project

Creating the Post-Purchase Repeat Buyers Flow - The Pickapocket Project
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Imagine being able to turn repeat buyers into lifelong customers. With the post-purchase repeat buyers email flow, you can!

Repeat buyers need to be treated differently than first time buyers.

They need to be acknowledged for their returning custom; to be valued, respected, and nurtured in a unique way.

This is because when somebody buys from you for a second time, you have a unique opportunity to turn them into a customer for life.

A post-purchase repeat buyers flow is exactly the medicine these customers should be receiving.

This powerful email flow provides further upsells, makes the customer feel valued and part of the community/culture that defines your brand and creates lifelong advocates who drive sales to your store through word of mouth (WOM) marketing.

Here’s how we set up PickaPocket’s post-purchase repeat buyers flow in Klaviyo.

The Klaviyo Set-Up

There are a couple of ways to set up the repeat purchase buyers flow. In this set-up, we’ve used a conditional split from the Placed Order trigger event and then immediately exited the path for people who haven’t placed an order that equals ‘2’ over all time.

Email 1: You’re a VIP!

Sent 1 day after placed order

This simple email provides another strong upsell opportunity with a maximum of 15% off to the customer using a dynamic coupon code in Klaviyo.

We’re also trying to make the customer feel valued by telling them they’ll be entitled to exclusive benefits, unique offers and more for being a PickaPocket ‘VIP’ member in which we have also created a specialised segment in Klaviyo.

Email 2: It’s time for you to go all in 👊

Sent 7 days after

A strong attempt to migrate the customer over to social media and incentivise them to share their purchases, where they can be entered into a monthly competition.

This fosters a stronger sense of culture between the customer and the brand, and reinforces the feeling of community we want them to feel after shopping at PickaPocket.

Email 3: Next Level Fashion Advice

Sent 10 days later

A subtle product push to some of the more unique items to the PickaPocket store.

Essentially, we’re trying to drive the customer back to the site to browse items, collect more data on their user profile and send them more personalised offers going forward.


  • Send repeat buyers different emails than first-time buyers to make them feel valued and unique
  • Migrate repeat buyers to social channels to maintain communication with an omnichannel approach
  • Continue to collect more data on the customer profile to send more personalised offers in the future by using engaging content in the emails to drive click-throughs

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