How Does Klaviyo Work? A Helpful Guide

How Does Klaviyo Work? A Helpful Guide
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So you've heard the buzz about Klaviyo, and now you're wondering what the fuss is all about. In this helpful guide, we're diving into the world of Klaviyo to demystify how it works and why it's a game-changer for your email marketing and SMS marketing efforts. 

From crafting killer email campaigns to automating your customer journey, Klaviyo has some game-changing features that will change the way you approach your digital marketing strategy from now on. 

See our expert insights as we answer ‘how does Klaviyo work’ for your business and have you saying, "Why didn't I start using this sooner?" Carry on reading to learn the fundamentals of how you can start producing successful email marketing campaigns as soon as today!

A Brief Overview: What is Klaviyo?

As you compare this to other email and SMS platforms, you will soon realise that Klaviyo is not your average marketing platform—it's a powerhouse that brings together email marketing automation and predictive analytics to supercharge your business. 

This user-friendly platform, however, should solely be considered for eCommerce businesses, as it aids you in reaching your customers in a personalised and impactful way.

In essence, Klaviyo allows you to create and execute highly targeted email marketing flows and campaigns. From happy birthday messages to abandoned cart emails, Klaviyo's intuitive editor makes it easy to design eye-catching emails that engage and convert.

Klaviyo has segmentation and personalisation capabilities that allow you to tailor your messages based on customer behaviour, demographics, purchase history, and more. This level of customization ensures that your relationships with customers are not skewed in any way and feel more personal. 

If you add this to the fact that you can build detailed workflows that automatically trigger emails based on specific events or actions, such as welcoming new subscribers, re-engaging inactive customers, or sending post-purchase follow-ups, these classy features allow you to deliver the right message at the right time to your email subscribers. Klaviyo helps you nurture relationships and drive conversions on autopilot!

Let's not forget about the analytics features that Klaviyo possesses. Klaviyo offers real-time insights into your campaign's performance, tracking metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and revenue generated. This data allows you to fine-tune and optimise your strategies for future business goals.

The Benefits of Using Klaviyo For Your eCommerce Business

To give you a comprehensive understanding of what Klaviyo can bring to the table with regard to your marketing performance—whether you’re a small business or not—we're going to break down the key benefits you can expect from implementing this new marketing platform into your digital strategy. Here is everything you need to know:

Klaviyo's Features for eCommerce Stores Are Endless

Using Klaviyo email marketing and SMS marketing will show you all the data required to assess and act on the current performance. A lot of other platforms will just show you the performance, but Klaviyo will show you where you’re going wrong and offer actionable steps to improve your future results.

Seamless Shopify Experience

As for Shopify, Klaviyo integrates with it better than any other email and SMS marketing platform worldwide. Firstly, it only takes a few clicks to integrate the two together, and the data you’re going to receive will be life-changing for the backend structure of your earning potential.

With Klaviyo, you, as a Shopify store owner, can easily segment customers, create personalised campaigns, and automate workflows to drive sales and engage your audience. 

The in-depth integration between Klaviyo and Shopify emails ensures data from Shopify is streamlined, allowing you to harness customer data and behaviour from your Shopify store to create targeted email marketing strategies at any point in the day—even while you’re sleeping!

Klaviyo Integrations Are Unrivalled

Even though Shopify is one of the most popular integrations that people partner with Klaviyo, there are also another 200+ pre-built integrations that you can utilise to your advantage. Whether you want to implement user-generated content, upsell offers, subscription alternatives, and many more, any upgrade to save time and money will be available with Klaviyo.

Additional Lead Generation and SMS Marketing Services

Although Klaviyo is thought to be a specialised email marketing platform, they also offer incredible SMS marketing services and lead generation tactics to boot. If you partner a digital marketing strategy to capture leads through their email address, Klaviyo provides you with tools to capture and nurture leads effectively. 

Additionally, if you use Klaviyo’s SMS marketing feature, this will give you diversified marketing efforts, allowing you to send text messages straight to your customer's phones if they opt-in. This omnichannel strategy will help you reach, engage, convert, and delight more customers than if you were to use only one of the types of marketing. 

Email Marketing Campaigns You Must Try With Klaviyo

In order to see your customers stay within the loop of your email marketing sequences, you must know some common email marketing campaigns to implement at the start of your Klaviyo email marketing journey. Here are some must-try options:

A Welcome Series Campaign

The 'Welcome Series’ campaign allows you to make your first-time customers feel like VIPs with a personalised welcome email series. Use Klaviyo's automation features to send a series of email flows that introduce your brand, offer a warm welcome, and entice them to explore your products.

It's like throwing a party, but in your customers’ inbox! This is not only a great way to spread the correct message, but it often converts most of the revenue generated by most email marketing campaigns–-get this right and you’ll see excellent results.

Abandoned Cart Email Sequences

Whether you have multiple products or just a one-product eCommerce business, abandoned cart email sequences can be one of the most important sequences to re-intrigue customers who have been visiting your website. 

Klaviyo will use automated triggers to send an abandoned cart email to potential customers who have added a product to their cart but have not finished checking out. 

However, you may want to explore using different abandoned cart emails for different types of customers (age, demographic, product they’re looking at, etc.), as a relevant and personalised reminder email will be the reason that they click back on your website and finish purchasing the item they were looking at. 

An Upsell Campaign

Once customers have spent their money on something, they’re much more likely to continue to purchase additional items, and this is where you need to provide them with a post-purchase email campaign. This can not only increase your AOV (average order value), but it will also keep the customer interested in future offerings from your brand. 

Price of Klaviyo 

So, how does Klaviyo work in terms of pricing for business owners? If you’re new to email marketing and have acquired a small email list, you will have much less to invest than a huge business owner with lots of email addresses. 

However, if you’re looking for the price of email only, SMS only, or both, you can expect to pay around £15 per month with Klaviyo pricing to begin with, but the pricing structure of Klaviyo increases with the more people on your email list you obtain. 

There is a free plan available, but this will only reach up to 500 monthly email sends; thus, the more customers you convert, the more emails you’ll need to send on a monthly basis.

Finding the Correct Klaviyo Email Marketing Partner

Once you have followed this guide, you will be well on your way to increasing the revenue generated by the backend of your website. Nevertheless, if you want to start maximising the amount of profit you’re earning from Klaviyo email marketing services while completing none of the dirty work, Magnet Monster are your go-to email marketing agency.

We have your customer support in mind and can have you set up within an instant and begin working on your campaigns, flows, email design, and all the rest of it within a matter of days. 

Instead of wasting valuable time with trial and error, book a discovery session with our team today, and we’ll be more than happy to see how we can scale your business through new techniques and optimisation.

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