How to Delight Customers with Unique Experiences

How to Delight Customers with Unique Experiences
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Creative notifications are a powerful way to automate experiences inside Klaviyo that can delight your customers and elevate your Word of Mouth marketing to the next level. Here’s how to set them up.

Step 1: Collect relevant data

In the video above, I displayed a generic example of how to populate event data. However, depending on your brand and what you’re selling, you can take this one step further.

If you’re progressively profiling your customer at certain points of the customer journey (i.e. top-of-the-funnel, account creation, via a loyalty program, etc) then you have the option to sync this data back through to customer service once they reach this order threshold.

Here’s an example of how this might work in real-time.

How to Delight Customers with Unique Experiences | Magnet Monster

The customer shares with you on a pop-up on your website that their favourite meat is “Lamb”.

This then gets synced through to Klaviyo as a Custom Property.

Step 2: Set up a Flow Trigger

Now, set up a flow to reward the customer once they reach an order threshold. Going back to our original example, let’s say we want to send this to a customer who has placed an order with us for the third time.

How to Delight Customers with Unique Experiences | Magnet Monster

Step 3: Set up a Notification Inside the Flow

You then need to configure the notification to send through to the appropriate person who handles fulfilment or customer experience:

How to Delight Customers with Unique Experiences | Magnet Monster

This will then notify the customer experience/fulfilment team of this customer’s order and give them the opportunity to include this surprise.

This is what the email will look like when it lands at customer support:

How to Delight Customers with Unique Experiences | Magnet Monster

If you’re going to collect data, commit to using it

It is futile to put effort into capturing these insights if you don’t intend to leverage them.

Remember that every time you request information from a customer you not only create an expectation of what is to come but also introduce a point of friction towards taking a desired action in many cases.

Therefore, if you’re going to collect these insights, you owe it to your customers to delight them at some stage in their journey.

And why wouldn’t you? With everybody else doing exactly the same thing, this is an incredible opportunity for your brand to stand out.

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