Klaviyo Browse Abandonment Flow Set-up - Optimise revenue with these tweaks

Klaviyo Browse Abandonment Flow Set-up - Optimise revenue with these tweaks
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How to create the Browse Abandonment Flow in Klaviyo. The problem with the default settings for the browse abandonment flow is that it misses opportunities to drive additional revenue and also presents a potentially poor customer experience by repeatedly triggering to customers who have previously purchased an item. This simple set-up resolves this issue whilst increasing your overall email performance.

The Browse Abandonment Flow is one of my favourite flows in Klaviyo.

It’s a great touch point for capturing interest and if the follow-up is done well then it can quickly increase revenue.

It can also help amplify the revenue you receive from campaigns and reduce retargeting costs by following up with email instead of Facebook Ads.

However, the default settings inside Klaviyo often provide a negative touch point.

This is because that while the “Checkout Started Zero times since starting this flow” and “Placed Order zero times since starting this flow” mitigate recipients receiving it while starting a checkout on your site, it doesn’t prevent the flow from triggering after they make the purchase if they then go back and view the product (which is very common in D2C).

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To mitigate this, simply add the following flow filter “Placed Order zero times in the last 4 days” (you can change this to 7 days - whatever you determine is optimal to your business. If you have a product that takes longer than 7 days to deliver, you may want to increase this timeline so that it doesn’t trigger to customers who have recently purchased with a follow-up email asking them to buy a product they’ve already purchased).

Klaviyo Browse Abandonment Flow Set-up - Optimise revenue with these tweaks | Magnet Monster

And that’s it. Super simple and effective!

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