Klaviyo SMS Marketing: Understanding It Step-by-Step

Klaviyo SMS Marketing: Understanding It Step-by-Step
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Let's understand the benefits of Klaviyo SMS marketing so you can rev up your eCommerce marketing.

In the modern era, if you take a look around your surroundings, you will notice that almost everyone is attached to their phone. Although this may not be good for us having such high screen times, for SMS marketing companies - this is a dream come true in terms of reach and revenue potential.

Not only SMS marketing businesses will be looking forward to this, but if you’re a brand looking to ensure that you’re reaching your target audience - SMS text message marketing is a relatively new marketing opportunity to get your hands on.

Klaviyo is one of the most profound SMS marketing channels you can utilise to your advantage this year. Thus, explaining the Klaviyo SMS marketing process to see how you can use this in 2023 will give you a great indication of how it can help the growth of your company.

Is SMS Marketing Suitable For Every Business?

In regards to ‘is SMS marketing suitable for every business’, we would say that it can work with the correct implementation for every business using digital marketing as a tool for boosting revenue - especially if you already have a dominant presence online. 

Even if you’re a start-up brand collecting emails to add to your email list and partnering a phone number with your email marketing - this gives you two opportunities to present your product or service to the target audience that are finding you through other forms of inbound marketing methods.

Orchestrating the correct messaging to your SMS subscribers during your marketing phases allows you to give your customers a seamless shopping experience with the links you provide when sending text messages. 

Due to the urgency and well-timed emails, based on company events, seasonal events, etc - supplying a personal text message with discounts and further offers evokes an impulsive response that often ends up with you making a sale. 

Every brand is unique. Everyone has the chance to show off their product or service in a different manner compared to others in your industry. Thus, by ensuring that your SMS marketing campaigns are well-thought-out and planned ahead of scheduled release - you will see a vast increase in sales.

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Benefits of Klaviyo SMS Marketing

SMS marketing as we’ve mentioned has its place for every business around the globe looking to increase their revenue through another income stream - in unison with your email marketing campaigns. 

Here, we’re going to run through the benefits of Klaviyo SMS marketing to give you a better understanding of what this can provide for your digital marketing strategy:

1 - Open Rate/ Engagement Rate Increase

As you begin to implement email and SMS marketing into your marketing game plan, you will notice a huge spike in open rates. Almost 100% of texts are opened and especially if you’re personalising your text towards a customer - it is almost guaranteed that they will see it. 

Although the customer seeing the text is inevitable, the chances of them engaging with your text and going ahead and purchasing your offer are lower. 

Whether you’re opting for a conversational approach with your customer or want to send promotional offers - if the body text is written correctly with an easy-to-use and tempting CTA, you may see a vast increase in engagement also. 

2 - Instant Reach to Your Target Audience 

If you’re collecting phone numbers and email addresses on your website through multi-step forms, you will be able to instantly reach your target audience with SMS and MMS marketing.

If you message your customers at the right time additionally, this can increase your chances of the customer opening your message within minutes. Promotional texts have an average click-through rate of 36% and if your SMS marketing strategy is upper-echelon, you can expect to see upwards of this statistic.

3 - A Personal Touch 

The majority of the public are always on their phone and texting is an essential daily function when texting your friends, family and colleagues. It is known as the easiest way to communicate with people - especially with it being so accessible to text back with the new iPhone features. 

Therefore, as you produce SMS messages and personalise them towards each individual customer, this can be a way to make it feel like an exclusive area where your loyal customers are given special discount codes and offer to take advantage of. 

Making them aware that they've joined a space where they’re going to receive discounts that other people won’t gives them even more of a reason to spend money with your company.

Different Types of SMS Marketing With Klaviyo

In regards to the different types of SMS marketing you can use with Klaviyo, there are 3 customer-based messages you need to know when sending these texts to your audience when creating your SMS marketing campaign.

  1. Transactional SMS marketing (delivering shipping confirmation, order confirmation, etc to the customer)
  2. Promotional SMS marketing (letting the customers know about your latest offers, providing discount codes, declaring company ideas, etc)
  3. Two-way SMS marketing (a conversational way of staying in touch with your customers, i.e. for customer service, support and a place to go back and forth with your customers.

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Klaviyo’s SMS Marketing Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Klaviyo SMS marketing takes a similar approach to the pre-production, production and post-production phases in project and business planning. Here is the 3 step process that you can follow when utilising Klaviyo SMS marketing to your advantage:

  1. Crawl - This phase is the beginning of the process where you welcome your onboarded clients/ customers, gain a big SMS list of phone numbers and learn the basics of how to track your performance through the analytics dashboard.
  1. Walk - Next, the ‘production phase’ is where you’ll begin to launch your promotional text messages and SMS campaigns out to your audience. Here, you’ll be looking to add automation systems for your SMS marketing and look to partner your SMS marketing campaigns with email marketing campaigns. 
  1. Run - As your campaigns begin to pick up the pace, adding features such as two-way communication, changing prices/ discount percentages, increasing personalisation, etc will all add more revenue to your campaigns. 

All the nuances that can boost sales by minor percentages can be the difference between you becoming successful or not with this marketing channel.

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