5 Crucial Klaviyo Integrations for Your eCommerce Brand

5 Crucial Klaviyo Integrations for Your eCommerce Brand
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Explore top integrations to unlock Klaviyo's power to boost traffic, conversions, and retention for your eCommerce email marketing strategy.

Digital marketing platforms are extremely common nowadays, and it is becoming increasingly hard to find a tool worth installing and paying for when trying to grow your business. 

Creating a streamlined business with all marketing, operations, and sales tools intact and functioning at a high level can be a difficult task. However, ensuring that you do your due diligence in terms of research will reap the best rewards when utilising tools.

Klaviyo is one of the most highly regarded email marketing platforms and is known for increasing traffic, conversions, and retention rates across the board for companies that implement it correctly. 

To ensure that you’re using it to its full potential, we’re going to give you a guide to the top Klaviyo integrations that your company can use today. Read on to learn more!

What are Integrations in Marketing?

In regards to what are integrations in marketing, they are automation systems that can be put in place that can replace human marketing efforts. Instead of relying on all of your staff to manually achieve everything, marketing integration automation will share information and data automatically to allow operations to run smoothly. 

For example, if you wanted to collect the phone number of everyone who signed up for your webinar advertising campaign, you would use an integration that gathers all this information and puts it in a separate location for you to recognise the phone numbers you’ve collected.

Often, there are marketing automation platforms that work together and streamline certain processes to create maximum efficiency. Whether this is e-commerce integrations for your product-based business or service-based integrations for a typical brick-and-mortar business, there are marketing integrations that can automate everyone’s business (in certain aspects).

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What Klaviyo Integrations Should You Implement?

Klaviyo offers a wonderful email marketing tool for businesses of any degree to use within their backend marketing strategy. However, sending emails blindly without having other systems to help it, or even unlocking powerful growth opportunities when intertwining them both, will limit your company's potential. 

Therefore, Magnet Monster will give you our top Klaviyo integrations that you should implement immediately in your business. Here is what you should look to add today:

1 - Shopify With Klaviyo

If you’re an e-commerce business using Klaviyo email marketing to enhance revenue optimisation, you should consider partnering with Shopify.

If you build your website on this all-in-one marketing platform, Shopify gives you data automatically. Everything from customer data, email addresses, order data, and much more information can allow your email marketing performance to skyrocket. 

As you connect your Klaviyo account to your Shopify store, you will notice that Klaviyo will use the data presented by Shopify to make clever predictions on how your customers will behave next. Not only can this now be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy decisions, but your understanding of your target audience will rise exponentially.

2 - Integrate Facebook Ads With Klaviyo

As you market your ad creatives to your audience, you will have a clear goal of selling your product or service to the masses. However, if you integrate your Facebook ads with Klaviyo, this allows you to add the email addresses you gain to your Klaviyo email lists. 

Additionally, if you find success with certain ad creatives or email marketing campaigns, this deep understanding of your audience coming from both paid media and backend emails will give you the confidence to advertise to them with more relevant content that aligns with their interests. 

Pairing these two digital marketing channels together will also give you real-time data on what your potential customers are interested in outside of your business. Therefore, if you begin to spot patterns, you will know how to market your product or service in the right tone for them to make a purchase decision. 

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3 - Smile.io Integration

As you build your empire, the most satisfying business you will receive is repeat customers coming back again and again for more products or services. Not only does this show that your product or service is useful, but it also shows that your marketing techniques are enticing with unmissable offers.

Smile.io reinforces repeat customers by giving you the opportunity to build loyalty programmes and exclusive offers for your repeat customers. Whether this be a point system, discount code, free shipping, etc., the incentive is that this integration feature is an excellent way to keep customers engaged with your e-commerce business. 

Customer loyalty is vital for the reviews on your website, and if you’re providing added value, your customers will feel inclined to leave a nice review on your site.

4 - Paperform 

As you begin using this email marketing platform to market your products and services to customers by putting their email addresses on your website, collecting all the historical and real-time data into segmented lists needs to be essential.

However, if your email and SMS marketing contact details are not being collected, it would take too long to go back through them manually. Thus, Paperform gives you the freedom to automatically collect all customers' data and direct it to your Klaviyo lists. 

Whether this is your newsletter or the information they provide when buying your products, creating email flows and campaigns for these people will ensure that they become repeat customers rather than just one-time purchases. 

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5 - ShipStation

One frequently asked question you’re probably used to hearing is, “I haven’t received my product; where is it?” Well, with ShipStation, this will automatically track your package and inform your customers with frequent updates on where the package is at all times. 

This way, they will never have to directly contact you and create time-consuming email responses for you and your team. Now, they will have an all-access shipping information tracker at their disposal. 

Final Thoughts 

None of these tools are pre-built integrations, so you’ll have to download them and partner them with your Klaviyo account. However, the time you take to set up your account will save you 10 times as much time in the long run. 

All of these integration tabs will allow your business to flourish and automate tasks that would typically take a good amount of time to complete manually. Now, you will have additional time to hone in on the front end of your business and scale efficiently.

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