Using Trust Builder Emails to Increase Click-Through Rates

Using Trust Builder Emails to Increase Click-Through Rates
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To get the most out of your email list, consider using the “Trust Builder” email strategy to maximise click-through rates.


What are Trust Builder Emails?

“Trust builders” are emails that are used to add value to your customers by providing them with educational and informative content.

For example, if you’re selling cosmetics, rather than sending an email asking people to buy your skincare product, you can create a blog post such as “5 best ways to naturally improve your skin”.

Interspersing content like this in-between sales-based emails creates trust between the customer and your brand, as well as enhancing your authority on your subject matter.

Potential customers need to be consistently nurtured both before and after they’ve bought from your business. Emails that are less focused on sales and more concerned with adding genuine value can considerably strengthen sales in the long-term, as your customers will value your recommendations more highly if you’ve already improved their lives or knowledge in the past.

“Trust Builder” emails can be delivered with the following content:

  • Blog posts
  • Story’s with an underlying message (can be done in several stages ultimately leading to a sales push)
  • Industry news/company updates
  • Asking for feedback and opinions on various subjects


Remember, an email doesn’t have to be asking for sales. You can – and should – vary your email content to deliver various types of information to get the most success out of your list.

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