Email Marketing Tech Stack for Klaviyo 2022

Email Marketing Tech Stack for Klaviyo 2022


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Looking to add more firepower to your email marketing setup? Consider this additional tech stack to supercharge reviews, increase customer advocacy and discover deep qualitative insights about your audience.

I’m software agnostic.

Despite building a business primarily around Klaviyo as my go-to ESP for eCommerce brands, I would have no hesitation in switching to a different provider if there was a better solution for our clients.

And I’m prepared to pivot the whole business if the industry changes and we need to react.

That day has not yet arrived, however.

Klaviyo is still currently the best solution by far for most people entering the email game simply due to its moat-like integration ecosystem.

Need to integrate reviews, shipping updates, research and loyalty programs into your CRM strategy? Klaviyo supports all of this with a click of a button.

And that’s their competitive advantage in the marketplace currently and why they’ll be hard to beat as they consolidate their leading position.

As we head into the 2nd half of 2022, I wanted to provide you with an updated list of software that really adds additional firepower to Magnet Monster’s clients.

Full disclosure: I have partnership agreements with all of these tools. But I only pick the best software to serve our clients, not what pays the best commissions.

1: Wonderment: Post-Purchase Order Tracking

One of our strategists put me onto Wonderment after a client of ours recommended we should integrate it into his account.


Admittedly, I’d never been taken in by these post-purchase order tracking apps until I started to see the results we got with Wonderment.

Customers just love opening, clicking, and even buying from the brand again after receiving these updates.

I think Wonderment does a fantastic job of ensuring the post-purchase experience is one that is delivered with excitement as opposed to anxiety and dread.

Eliminating buyers remorse should be the #1 goal for brands when customers shop with them for the first time, and leveraging Wonderment is a great way to achieve this.

Check out the list of event data you can pass through to Klaviyo to trigger automated emails to keep the customer aware of where their parcel is:

And here’s an example of the type of emails you can trigger to the customer to build excitement:


I’ve used nearly every type of review plugin you could imagine before settling on for our team.

What I liked about was the radical transparency in them advocating to publish all reviews (not just biassed and incentivised 5-star reviews) as well as their robust Klaviyo integration.

Their software also enables you to add stars next to reviews in your Google Shopping Ads which can lower CPA and strengthen performance on that key platform as well.

You can display dynamic product ratings within abandoned carts and other emails which can improve conversion rate.

3: Typeform

I am completely besotted with Typeform.

I use it for everything from user-generated content to NPS collection and beyond.

My favourite way to use Typeform is to collect qualitative insights about my audience.

If I’m working with a brand and want to send a survey that asks for feedback about a specific feature or interest, I’ll always encourage the brand to leverage Typeform.

We’ve created powerful email campaigns using this software that have been some of the best-performing inside our agency.

It definitely takes a little more time to set up than standard campaigns, but the results are amazing if you execute correctly.

I also use Typeform to collect post-purchase survey data and even for influencer and ambassador applications.

The options to use Typeform are limitless and its integration into Klaviyo is seamless.

A word of caution with importing custom properties into Klaviyo: try not to use too many open-ended questions when conducting research if you plan to sync it through to user profiles.

It can grind the Klaviyo account down to a halt with the mass import of data if abused, and it’s almost impossible to segment and draw effective insights in this manner anyway.

If you do need to collect open-ended responses, maintain the answers in-house and examine the research in an Excel file. The chances are that you won’t be able to create a meaningful experience from them in Klaviyo regardless in this manner.

4: Loyalty Lion

I’ve been quite harsh on loyalty programs recently, but it’s less about the software itself, and more so about the way brands apply them.

If a brand is committed to really making a loyalty program a core functional part of their business, then we’ve always had a great relationship with Loyalty Lion and found their integration into Klaviyo as solid as any other solution on the market.

There was a time when Yotpo (Swell Rewards) was by far the better option here, but Loyalty Lion have made strong ground on them now and are on an equal footing with excellent customer support.

Check out the case study we created after helping Spotlight Oral Care implement their loyalty program here.

Concluding thoughts

All of this software is a luxury on top of Klaviyo and some of it may already be involved in your current eCommerce/Shopify setup. The key is to integrate it under one roof so you can transform CRM into an immersive, powerful customer-facing experience that harvests data and helps you create more effective personalised experiences.

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