The Ins And Outs Of B2B eCommerce Email Marketing

The Ins And Outs Of B2B eCommerce Email Marketing
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eCommerce email marketing has become the cornerstone of many B2B (business to business) marketing strategies over the past few years since online business has become so prominent. It is no surprise that email marketing is one of the most effective of all digital marketing channels.

Although digital marketing is now the norm within the media space, there are also millions of people online each day looking to purchase items, meaning there is always room for an exceptional ROI (return on investment).

Learning the ins and outs of B2B eCommerce email marketing will give you a better understanding of how your business can prosper in the digital age, regardless of the number of competitors there are. Carry on reading to learn more!

What is B2B eCommerce Email Marketing?

In relation to what B2B eCommerce email marketing is, this is where a business advertises their products specifically to other businesses, whether that be for the business to use to their advantage or sell themselves. B2B email marketing can include both products or services, but B2B eCommerce email marketing focuses on product-based businesses.

Often, when you look at different companies, they will need certain products to take their own business to the next level… or they want to add something to their product line to sell for profit. 

Therefore, if a business is in either of these scenarios, it must look elsewhere to invest in a product that can benefit them in the long term. 

This is where your product-based business can help them. Thus, if you target businesses that, are in need of your eCommerce products - you will have high numbers of potential customers, high open rates, and all the other benefits that come with it. 

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How to Use eCommerce Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Business

If you want effective results with your email marketing campaigns for B2B businesses, it is not as simple as assembling a creative, easy-on-the-eye email design and hoping that people enjoy the visuals. 

The keys to an effective B2B email marketing strategy are much deeper than that and can seem overwhelming when trying to create the perfect outcome. Yet, if you can just take away these points that Magnet Monster are here to present, you will be much better prepared to start boasting some incredible results:

1 - Ensure Your Target Audience is Aligned

Although this isn’t directly an email marketing ‘tip’, if you’re not selling to the correct businesses, how are you expecting anyone to purchase your product? Doing your research and ensuring you select the correct businesses with targeted and personalised emails will give you a higher open, engagement, and conversion rate overall. 

2 - Take Advice From the Existing Email List

Each piece of content you send out to your customers gives you a chance to learn more about how they react to a certain B2B marketing strategy you have in place. No matter if the business has just joined or has been a long-time partner, their advice is always useful. 

Something you may not have thought about could be on the tip of their tongue, and if you just ask for feedback and what made them choose you, this could give you great ammunition to tackle other businesses in the same field with a similar, more optimised approach. 

3 - Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines 

Creating a sense of urgency, paired with an intriguing first subject line, can be the difference between the business potentially working with you and sending you to the spam folder forever. 

Thus, it is an important factor when selling to businesses. Personalising the email, making it feel less robotic, using previous results, using limited-time offers, and everything we discussed above will be sure to increase every performance metric in a positive manner. 

4 - Have Clear Call-to-Actions Placed in Your Email

If a business is looking for new solutions that your products can fix, you need to direct them to somewhere where they can invest in that product. Writing a well-thought-out email with a solid email template and brand design is great… but if there is no direction on where to go next, they will just click off the email.

Including a CTA (call to action) in your email allows them to be forwarded on to your landing page (where the purchase can be made). However, what are the details you need to know about creating an effective call-to-action? Some tips that our expert team can give you are:

  • Your CTA should be no longer than four words
  • Should be easily visible and on-brand
  • Use FOMO (fear of missing out), scarcity and urgency 
  • Use one or two CTAs at most (preferably towards the top and at the bottom)

5 - Segment Your Email List

Breaking down your email list is challenging, especially if you’re trying to do it manually. Using email automation software or a CRM will allow you to split your active email list into different categories of behaviour. 

For example, if you have segmented lists for all upcoming prospects and then businesses with whom you’re already working, this will help you plan your email marketing campaigns much easier. 

The same applies for active and inactive subscribers. If you can segment your email list into groups that suit your email marketing strategy, this will help you automate your email flows and campaigns more efficiently in the long haul.

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The Importance of Customer Service During B2B eCommerce Email Marketing Campaigns

If you take these tips on board, you will be sure to gain an advantage over those who are blindly sending out email marketing campaigns to businesses. However, the ultimate recipe for long-term success is maintaining close business relationships. 

Going the extra mile for the businesses you’re partnering with, whether that be offering exclusive packages, sending them gifts at special times of the year, etc., will give you that edge that other businesses don’t think about. 

Not to mention, everything within your business, from consistent communication to answering queries quickly to being positive in all situations, are the fundamentals of customer service that you need to implement.

If you’re looking for eCommerce email marketing services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of professionals, as we’re confident that we can thrive in any sector and reap huge back-end results.

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