8 Practical Top Tips For eCommerce Email Marketing

8 Practical Top Tips For eCommerce Email Marketing
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Thriving as a business in the digital era is often more challenging than people imagine when you look at the endless platforms to market your products. Email marketing plays a huge role in the performance of an online company, and unfortunately, many business owners don’t even know it. 

Even with the growth of social media marketing, it continues to thrive and is still making up the majority of revenue for many businesses online. 

However, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your email marketing platforms, we’re going to list our top tips for eCommerce email marketing in this guide. 

What is eCommerce Email Marketing?

Regarding what is eCommerce email marketing, this is the practice of sending transactional, triggered, and broadcast emails through email marketing platforms to email addresses that you’ve acquired. Whether your goal is to sell, inform, or build a loyal customer base, you can use all of these marketing tactics in rotation to achieve the best outcomes. 

If you align this marketing technique with the likes of your social media and Google platforms, you will tend to receive recipients who are willing to buy from you, meaning you can keep all your customers aligned with your mission and updates concerning the future of the company. 

Consequently, when obtaining email addresses from targeted audiences using digital marketing as a whole, eCommerce email marketing allows you to thrive in building meaningful relationships with your customers. 

Ultimate eCommerce Email Marketing Tips For the Best Results

Email marketing has always been a digital marketing platform that businesses can use to engage, convert, and retain customers on their eCommerce store. Yet, with the sudden rise in social media marketing, sending emails is finally getting the recognition it deserves when delivering tangible results. 

However, even though more eCommerce businesses than ever are using this marketing method, there are still many mistakes being made within this industry. Being a highly-regarded eCommerce email marketing agency, we’re going to give you our top strategies for the most profitable performance below:

1. Implementing a Welcome Series Email Sequence

Regardless of whether you’re a small, medium, or large company, once you begin selling to your target audience, you will notice some recognition and purchases being made. 

First impressions of a brand-new customer on your website are everything, and we can’t stress this enough. If you have an email flow sequence set up for your welcome series with an introduction to your business, what you can bring to the table, and how you differ from everyone else in the same niche, this makes a huge impact on their future with your organisation.

What you may think is only a one-time purchase will become repeat customers if you take the time to push a positive welcome series message out to your new customers.

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2. A/B Testing For Your Emails

None of your first email marketing strategies are going to be perfect, especially if you’ve never tried eCommerce email marketing or aren’t hiring professionals to do so. Therefore, if you’re doing this alone or hiring an agency, you will notice that A/B split testing your emails will give you a measurable amount of data to break down. 

Using the data you receive back from trying different email sequences, you can make executive decisions on what emails work and which ones don’t. From here, if your audience responds well to a certain type of email, you will continue to use it for the outcome you desire. 

3. Segmenting Your Audience

Once you build a reputable following across digital platforms, you will begin to notice that not everyone has the same behaviour. Thus, you will need to segment your email subscribers into groups based on their customer journey and qualities. 

You can use automation features on certain email marketing platforms to help format everything, helping you decide what email messages should go to what group. Emails have to be relevant, and if your subscribers aren’t aligned with the subject lines, email copy, etc., they won’t buy from you. 

4. Rewarding Your Loyal Customers

Using loyalty programmes, offering free shipping, or even giving discount codes to those who continuously use your website or subscribe to your email newsletters gives them the incentive to keep coming back to your online store. Email marketing is excellent at allowing you to reward your loyal customers through purchase history. 


5. Use Abandoned Cart Email Sequences

People often ‘add to cart’ items that they want and then forget about their shopping cart. Using simple and effective reminder emails that transfer your audience back to where they started is a highly effective eCommerce marketing technique to obtain additional revenue each month. 

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6. Holiday and Payday Promotions

During seasonal occasions and monthly paydays, this is a great time to offer promotions and discounts to your repeat customers. Whether you’re encouraging them to treat themselves or treat others, offering these different offers throughout the year with actionable call-to-actions (CTAs) will allow you to thrive in typical quarterly revenue dips.

7. Using eCommerce Email Marketing Automation Tools

Manually completing all of the laborious work that email marketing has to offer is simply not feasible. Especially when other businesses in your industry will be using automation tools, you need to stay ahead of the curve by searching for rewarding email marketing automation tools at all times. 

Not only will it save you time, but the ROI (return on investment) will be much higher than just trying to complete the work yourself. 

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8. Track Your Analytics Dashboard

Keeping an eye on the performance of your eCommerce email marketing campaigns and tracking the results of your promotional emails, transactional emails, informational emails, etc, on a monthly basis allows you to see what areas are performing well and vice versa. 

Whether a certain email campaign is underperforming or you’re receiving excellent engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates from specific sequences, noting what can be improved and doubled down on is paramount to overall success.

Final Thoughts

Although there are a lot of additions to make as part of your eCommerce email marketing strategies above, working on the fundamentals of each will lead to better results over long periods of time. Taking it one step at a time will ultimately grant you the outcomes you want.

However, it can be extremely difficult to learn this skill set in a short timeframe. Thus, if you want to hit the ground running without leaving money on the table with an experienced team of experts, Magnet Monster is your go-to eCommerce email marketing agency. Book a discovery session with our friendly team today to see how we can skyrocket your business!

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