Best Klaviyo Integrations to Add Firepower to Your Email Marketing Strategy

Best Klaviyo Integrations to Add Firepower to Your Email Marketing Strategy
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Klaviyo is fantastic software, there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re looking to add additional firepower to your email marketing setup, then adding some of these integrations can provide a truly exceptional customer experience and help take your business to the next level.

Last week, I released our Email Marketing Bible for eCommerce Brands

While most of the 14 commandments can be followed through without any additional software, there were some use cases where I’d recommend adding additional integrations to take things to the next level.

Luckily, the ecosystem built around Klaviyo at the moment is extremely powerful. It is hard to think of another Email Service Provider (ESP) that has as many turnkey integrations as Klaviyo does at the moment, probably with the exception being HubSpot.

This means little, if any, development work is required to integrate the below, with native integrations being just 1 click away and delivering almost instantaneous syncing of data.

So don’t feel daunted by the below list of software. It’s easy to use, and out-of-the-box for the most part.

As a final note before we get stuck into things, I want to stipulate that none of these are necessary to a great email marketing setup. They’re the icing on the cake - you can get by without utilising any of these, although they will certainly help to improve your current strategy.

Here’s a list of my 4 favourite software:

1: Typeform

I adore Typeform. It’s probably the one tool I universally recommend to every client we work with when partnering up with them, and its value is tremendous.

At its core, Typeform is a form and survey creation tool that allows you to carry out customer research.

It can also be utilised to help you segment your audience, create user-generated content (UGC) and run competitions in a neat and organised manner.

It has a turnkey integration with Klaviyo and syncs responses every hour.

You can literally let your imagination run wild with Typeform, but one word of caution: only sync through selected form responses when setting up the integration.

You can end up passing along an extraordinary amount of “dirty data” that will slow down your account and provide little to no value to the email marketing department if you’re collecting extensive open-ended questions as research.

Make sure when you carry out qualitative research, there’s a clear plan in place on how to utilise the data to provide a strong customer experience. Otherwise, you can end up inadvertently creating more headaches for yourself.

Customer research is imperative for any brand. Typeform is the best survey tool on the market to carry it out, and Klaviyo is the best eCommerce ESP. It’s a match made in heaven to link these two up together.

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2: Okendo

There are many fantastic review platforms that have robust integrations with Klaviyo. Okendo just happens to be my favourite.

What I love about Okendo’s Klaviyo integration is that you’re able to dynamically populate reviews inside of emails such as abandoned carts.

This increases click-through rate and also conversion rate by validating the products.

Okendo integrated with Klaviyo

Additionally, Okendo pushes through helpful event data to Klaviyo, such as the total number of reviews a customer has given (including whether media was submitted), in addition to the rating of that review.

This allows you to trigger follow-up flows to reward customers for leaving positive reviews (contentious, I know) which in turn, may trigger more repeat purchases.

Okendo also integrates with Loyalty Lion and allows you to gift customers with points upon submitting reviews.

It also fuses together to create a powerful ecosystem whereby you can significantly increase the amount of UGC you collect over email, in order to drive more repeat sales and enhance your overall retention rate.

3: Recharge

If you run a subscription business, then you’re probably already using Recharge to power that element of your company.

Luckily for you, Recharge also has a seamless integration with Klaviyo that pushes through the following event data:

  • Starts subscription
  • Cancelled subscription
  • Expired subscription
  • Abandoned cart (subscription in checkout)

I’ve written extensively about all the flows you should be looking to leverage if you’re running a subscription business, so be sure to read my ultimate guide to email marketing for subscription businesses here.

4: Loyalty Lion

In my Email Marketing Bible for eCommerce Brands guide, I recommended focusing on a Loyalty Program once all other fundamentals have been established.

For our clients, Loyalty Lion ticks all the boxes: their support is fantastic, onboarding superb, and their integration with Klaviyo is best in class.

Loyalty Lion allows you to natively create additional flows to leverage referrals, rewards for loyal customers, and can help to drive promotional campaigns by utilising specific points-based offers on catalogues of items to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Concluding Thoughts

Klaviyo’s ecosystem is massive, and the opportunities to personalise experiences to customers are seemingly limitless if you use your imagination.

Focus on getting the fundamentals in place first before investing in additional software costs (which can creep up fast) and you’ll be in an ideal position to scale up your email marketing operations when the time is right with these nimble integrations.

Partner Integrations worth Exploring

I’ve invited a few of my most trusted connections in the eCommerce industry to share why the companies they work for/alongside are also worth considering when it comes to enhancing your email marketing setup in Klaviyo.

1: Daasity

“The brands we see growing the fastest are enriching Klaviyo with data from their other tools, and turning Klaviyo into a CRM/CDP. Utilizing a tool like Daasity they’re centralizing their customer data across their stack (Marketing & Sales channels, Operations tools, and CS platforms) and streaming the most valuable data into Klaviyo to send more targeted, personalized emails at scale. They’re taking complex calculations and segments like: Time Between Orders, Churning HVCs (High-Value Customers), and LTV by First Product Purchased to dynamically create targeted flows and segments that improve both customer experience and profits. Then take the learnings from Klaviyo and stream the data to their other Marketing channels to more intelligently leverage their customer data in every channel.”

Jeremy Horowitz

Dir. of Marketing at Daasity


2: Reveal

REVEAL is a Customer Data Platform that analyzes your customers' behavior across multiple channels, helping you understand how to acquire, retain, and delight your customers while lowering your CAC and increasing your Customer Lifetime Value.


- Advanced Buying Behavior Segmentation (RFM)

Automated RFM segmentation, buying habits, and cohort analysis help you understand, monitor, and predict your customers' behavior so you can design better experiences and personalized offers.

- Enhanced Email Marketing

We can create advanced and highly personalized email flows and campaigns with your favorite email service provider using our customer segmentation.

- Lower Ad Spend

Use existing customer data for marketing and retargeting to bring back newly acquired customers with High Order Value or attract new audiences like your Power Customers.

- Anticipate the next move

Predict when your customers will buy next. Accelerate time to next purchase for new customers and stimulate repeat buying behavior. Intervene in the customer journey to prevent churn.

- Maximize your profits

Orchestrate highly targeted campaigns and email flows through our integration with Klaviyo. Push pre-built audiences or automatically create lookalikes to Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Instagram, or email platforms. Or easily export feeds to your marketing channels of choice.

-Track only what matters

No vanity metrics, no random numbers. Reveal tells you the story of how your customers saw you, liked you, wifed you, and divorced you.”

Juliana Jackson 

- Chief Growth Officer at Omniconvert Reveal

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