How to Create a Browse Abandonment Email Sequence

How to Create a Browse Abandonment Email Sequence
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A Browse Abandonment Email is triggered every time a user views a product on your site. Sound powerful? It is. Learn how to implement this reliable revenue-generator.

The bulk of automated email sales typically comes from a Welcome Email Series or a Cart Abandonment Email Series.

However, for businesses with an e-commerce store, a Browse Abandonment Sequence should also be a powerful flow that generates revenue on autopilot for you.

How Browse Abandonment Emails Work

As the name suggests, Browse Abandonment Emails are triggered every time a customer views a product in your store.

It's crucial to note that unless you already have the customers data, these emails won't be triggered. As such, they're best served for businesses who already have an established database of customers.

Here's an example of a Browse Abandonment Email being triggered after a customer views the product on the site:

How to Create a Browse Abandonment Email Sequence | Magnet Monster

In this example, Woolery simply invites the customer to have a conversation and reminds them of the product they were browsing.

For supplement brand Genetic Supplements, we set up the email template for their Browse Abandonment sequence to initiate purchase intent for potential customers.

How to Create a Browse Abandonment Email Sequence | Magnet Monster

We've gone for a more personal approach to try and stimulate conversation with the consumer in this template when sending a browse abandonment email.

Creating a Browse Abandonment Sequence

It's possible to have individual flows set up that push harder for the sale of products the consumer is interested in.

A common flow we often set up for clients (and very product specific), may go like such:

Email 1: Reminder of browsed product (1-4 hours after browsing)

Email 2: Product education (24 hours after browsing)

Email 3: Social proof on product (48 hours after browsing)

Email 4: Discount code* on product (72 hours after browsing)

*Optional. If you have a cart abandonment discount code already in place, it's unlikely you'll want to offer further discount incentives across your store unless you know there's a strong chance they'll buy.

Recommending Similar Products

You can also stimulate interest in other product categories in your store through Browse Abandonment emails in order to buying the product - increasing your overall conversion rate.

For example, if you're selling protein supplements (like Genetic Supplements), you can also introduce them to related products that may also pique their interest with dynamic variables based on categorisation. See an example below attached to the footer of the email:

How to Create a Browse Abandonment Email Sequence | Magnet Monster


A Browse Abandonment sequence is ultimately just another type of email that creates a sense of urgency which increases sales on autopilot with intelligent email marketing automation.

Contact us today if you need help setting up this email automation.

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