How to create a Net Promoter Score Flow in Klaviyo

How to create a Net Promoter Score Flow in Klaviyo
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Most brands think they need to spend thousands of dollars per year on external software to track their Net Promoter Score (NPS). They’re wrong. This guide will show you a simple workaround in Klaviyo that is cost-free and simple to set up.

What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

The NPS is a metric that shows the willingness of a customer to recommend your product or service.

It is typically collected on a gradient scale from 0-10, with 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

  • 0-6 ratings are considered “detractors”
  • 7-8 ratings are “passives”
  • 9-10 ratings are “promoters”

You collect NPS by surveying customers (typically post-purchase) and calculating it like so:

Here is the formula for calculating NPS (passives are not considered in the equation):

NPS = (% Promoters) - (% Detractors)

For example, if a company surveyed 100 customers and found that 40 of them were Promoters, 50 were Passives, and 10 were Detractors, their NPS would be calculated as follows:

NPS = (40 / 100) - (10 / 100) = 40% - 10% = 30

The NPS score can range from -100 to 100, with higher scores indicating a stronger level of customer loyalty. A score of 0 is considered neutral, and scores above 0 are considered positive, while scores below 0 are considered negative.

Many people consider a good NPS as a key indicator of a healthy eCommerce business.

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How to collect the NPS using Klaviyo

Here’s how to leverage Klaviyo email marketing to monitor the score.

Most brands think that they need to install third-party software and fork out hundreds per year to monitor their NPS.

The reality is that this quick custom property hack will save you time and money while allowing you to monitor the score seamlessly under one roof (with only a small manual workaround).

Here’s how to set up an NPS flow inside Klaviyo:

Step 1: Set up an NPS Custom Property

Navigate to a customer’s profile inside Klaviyo.

Where it says “Custom Properties”, click the “Add” button:

Add the NPS and a score between 0-10.

Step 2: Update Your Preference Centre

Since we’ll be redirecting customers to the preference centre to collect the score in our example, we’ll finish fleshing out the custom properties numerical range here.

Here’s how we’ll add the block after navigating to our core list’s preference settings:

How to create a net promoter score in Klaviyo | Magnet Monster
How to update your preference centre in Klaviyo

Step 3: Create an NPS Flow

Now we’re ready to send out our NPS request in a flow.

The time frame you can set this up with will vary depending on your strategy, but let’s assume in this example we’re sending the request out 21 days after the order has been fulfilled.

Here’s a quick example of using images as buttons to collect the NPS score:

How to create a net promoter score in Klaviyo | Magnet Monster

Here’s the code that you’d place behind each image before redirecting them to the preference centre to update their score:

{% update_property_link 'NPS' '1' '% manage_preferences_link %' %}

Note: change the numerical value behind each button (1, in this example) depending on the rating the customer is giving you.

Step 4: Create segments of the NPS for each rating

To monitor the score, you’ll now want to create segments that determine each rating, as well as bucketing the three core groups (detractors, passives and promoters) like so:

How to create a net promoter score in Klaviyo | Magnet Monster

Since the segments are dynamic, this will now give you a quick snapshot of how many customers belong to each group at any time within Klaviyo.

Step 5: Calculate the score

In order to calculate the NPS score, you’ll have to follow the manual calculation outlined at the beginning of this article, but that shouldn’t take too long.

In the example of above, the brand’s NPS rating is as follows:

How to create a net promoter score in Klaviyo | Magnet Monster

The brand has an NPS Score of 60. Not bad!

Use this free NPS calculator from HubSpot to access this free calculator and save yourself the manual work.


Setting up the NPS following this guide above can take as little as one hour's work. Considering most brands will pay around $1000 per year to monitor this score, I’d say this quick workaround is both highly valuable and insightful for anybody managing an eCommerce business.

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