What Tools Can Be Used For Email Marketing?

What Tools Can Be Used For Email Marketing?
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When looking to kickstart or expand your online business, email marketing is a vital component to the overall success of your brand when finding its feet. Looking towards the future, you want to be regarded as one of the leading product or service providers in your industry, and building a loyal customer base and brand awareness comes with these marketing efforts. 

However, with business owners out there knowing this, it can be challenging to see results from email marketing. Yet, if you were up to date with the latest software and tools you could use, you’d experience a much smoother-sailing journey. 

There is simply an overload of email marketing tools that can make a difference within your business, and we’re going to list our go-to providers in this article. Keep reading to find out the ultimate tools that will help skyrocket your backend development!

Listing the Ultimate Email Marketing Tools You Can Use For Your Business

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise trying to collect a tailored email list, the bottom line is that you need marketing emails to build a list of targeted buyers who continuously come back to your website. With top-tier reviews, repeat customers, and a flow of leads - you will experience some incredible results

Below, we’re going to show you our ultimate email marketing tool guide (paid plans and free email marketing tools) that we’ve spent countless hours researching so you don’t have to! Here is a list of our favourites:

1 - Klaviyo Email Marketing 

The Klaviyo email marketing platform is one that you’re most likely familiar with due to the hype around its capabilities. Klaviyo puts a heavy emphasis on eCommerce businesses, helping Shopify, WooCommerce, and many other eCommerce store platforms enjoy a seamless experience. 

Not only can you appreciate the simple transfer of data from Klaviyo to Shopify and WooCommerce, but you can also personalise your email marketing campaigns based on previous purchases and viewer history. 

Furthermore, advanced segmentation, targeting, automation, and workflows are second-to-none. Thus, once you’ve found your target audience and you begin A/B testing (subject lines, call-to-actions, email copy, etc.), you will be able to streamline email campaigns and flows relative to the type of email you’re sending. The list of benefits are endless. 

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2 - MailChimp

Next, MailChimp is one of the most sought-after tools that is being used by businesses around the world to date. Once you first log in to MailChimp, you’ll be extremely impressed by their user-friendly interface, an array of email templates/ designs for your email editor, and the easy-to-understand analytics dashboard they have available. 

With the freedom to be creative, along with automated email features to make for a flawless experience and advanced tracking attributes - you will have everything you require to create, manage, and maintain positive outcomes. 

3  - GetResponse

This is an email marketing tool that you may be unfamiliar with but that could help separate you from your competition within your niche. GetResponse specialises in high-performing landing pages, webinars, autoresponders, and many more advanced tools.

This all-in-one marketing tool doesn’t just specialise in email marketing, either. It provides you with content creation attributes, CRM software, etc. Further, GetResponse is extremely underrated for the sheer number of integrations you can do with it. For example, WordPress, Shopify, PayPal, etc are all platforms that you can integrate into your marketing.

4 - ConvertKit

If we’re looking at the top email marketing tools for all email marketing requirements, Klaviyo and MailChimp probably top the list. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for unique features that may benefit your business solely, ConvertKit has some distinctive features that could sway your decisions.

For example, if you’re a content creator or blogger looking for email marketing software, ConvertKit has a plethora of benefits for you. 

With elements such as opt-in forms, subscriber management, and a myriad of customization features, ConvertKit hones in on the simplistic element of email marketing features - which may benefit new creators or bloggers who aren’t familiar with any platforms.  

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5 - HubSpot Email Marketing

Although you may recognise this as an all-in-one marketing tool that primarily focuses on CRM structure within a business - their email marketing tools are surprisingly advanced.

In fact, they align their email marketing with the CRM structure and use list segmentation, advanced reports, and automation in harmony with the CRM background - making for immediate results when collecting email addresses.

6 - Drip Email Marketing

This email marketing platform is one of the most popular on the market today, and with good reason, especially if you’re an eCommerce marketer. With detailed analytics and automation features like the rest, you’d expect it to perform similarly. Yet, what makes Drip email marketing stand out is its personalised product recommendations.

With this feature, if you sell multiple products through bulk emails and a customer purchases something from your store, Drip will recommend another product that goes hand-in-hand with the one they’ve bought - increasing the conversion rate for upsells. 

7 - SendInBlue

SendInBlue has some distinctive attributes that may favour your business - compared to the other platforms. Although Klaviyo offers SMS marketing with incredible open rates and click-through rates, SendInBlue also offers SMS marketing services, along with a myriad of exceptional email marketing uses to follow. 

Affordable pricing, email deliverability, and multi-channel marketing are what separate this from some of the other big names on this list and could serve as a brilliant platform for your future endeavours. 

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The Bottom Line

All of these unique email marketing tools have their own advantages and drawbacks that can be beneficial or negative for your company. What we would recommend is that you look for suitability based on the size of your business. If you’re a small business with little experience, you may want to consider a less advanced platform.

Whereas, if you’re a highly-regarded company looking to make small tweaks to your marketing strategy - a different tool could be a better option for you. Using your judgement and research will be vital, and we hope that some of these tools can become a staple in your business. 

Overall, however, we believe that Klaviyo email marketing and MailChimp are the go-to platforms, no matter your size of business. They are well-reviewed and have an excellent history for a reason, and you should give them a try. 

If you want to begin your Klaviyo email marketing today, book a discovery call with our experts here at Magnet Monster, and we’d be over the moon to start or optimise your email marketing strategy to further enhance performance - our case studies speak for themselves!

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