Benefits of SMS Marketing For Your Business

Benefits of SMS Marketing For Your Business
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SMS marketing has gained traction in recent years for its effectiveness to drive revenue and click-through rates with consumers. In this article, we'll discuss how you can leverage SMS marketing for your eCommerce business utilising Klaviyo's segmentation and personalisation engine to maximise profitability for your store.

Benefits of SMS Marketing For Your Business

Typically, with these personalised messages, discounts will be offered to customers through an e-commerce website or landing page where the buyer will go through the purchasing process and eventually end up paying for the products available. 

The reason this is becoming so effective is due to the higher open rates and fast-acting nature of SMS marketing communications. When you receive a text message, you would usually think it is a family member or friend - thus, when you receive a personalised text just for you from a business, there is a sudden urge to see what it says.

Upon seeing click rates skyrocket (if the messages hold some value for the customer) - the engagement you will receive will be second-to-none. Not only that, but taking valuable lessons from your customers and their behavioural patterns to certain text messages will be an excellent indicator of what will work for future endeavours.

Here at Magnet Monster, our tried and tested methods for numerous businesses in a multitude of opposing industries continue to dominate - as we believe each individual client deserves a tailored strategy with the SMS marketing fundamentals ingrained into each piece of work.

Implementing SMS Marketing to Keep Your Customers Notified About Your Latest Offers 

We want to ensure that your fanbase and target audience are notified immediately when you have an offer to promote that you’re excited about. Whether that is a time-sensitive SMS message that will run out for your customers in a specific time period, or simply keeping your customers in the loop of what you’re planning to do and asking for feedback - it is all added towards superior brand awareness.

Once your messages are being sent out to the masses (after they’ve approved consent to receive SMS marketing), you will now have access to send out your personalised SMS text messages whenever you desire. 

Now, at Magnet Monster, we believe that forcing the messages out every day will push the customers away from your company's mission. Nevertheless, if you schedule the messages correctly and notify them on the date of your special occasions  - they will appreciate you choosing them for the offers provided. 

Promotional SMS marketing and engagement SMS marketing are two different types of SMS marketing campaigns that can be automated. Therefore, if you’re looking for conversions, promotional offers will be sent out more regularly. Whereas, if you’re trying to gain more traffic, engagement campaigns may be a great idea to cultivate an audience over time. The two strategies work in tandem to optimise the customer experience as well as maximise revenue.

Our marketing team of experts who have been researching and implementing killer SMS strategies are itching to meet your high standards and provide another channel of revenue for your successful business using our organised transactional SMS marketing tactics.

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How Magnet Monster Will Assist Your SMS Revenue Desires

Through years of building successful brands and stores online ourselves using email marketing strategies, partnered with text messaging marketing - we soon realised the true impact that these marketing channels could have on businesses around the globe. 

That’s why our team of senior e-commerce veterans pride themselves on yielding value-led content with the inevitability of maximising your profit potential via this marketing channel. Here is what our group of strategists will utilise around the clock to optimise your business’ performance:

Enforcing Tailored SMS Marketing Practices

Once we’ve scheduled and finished our SMS strategy call with you, the Magnet Monster team will then set up all of your campaigns with personalised messaging based on our qualitative and quantitative customer research. 

Now, with our professional strategists, designers, copywriters, operations and project management team - it becomes our priority to enforce a strategy that will help you win. 

Whether your SMS marketing is more suitable for geofencing marketing (locational SMS marketing) or you can locate it wherever you want… we will come up with a game plan to reach your target audience and attract, convert and retain as many customers as possible.

Benefits of SMS Marketing For Your Business | Magnet Monster

Data Tracking Your SMS Performance 

As we know, data tracking is something that can sometimes be arduous, to say the least, but in order to reap the finest rewards - the grunt work has to be done. 

In fact, our expert team enjoys breaking down where your campaigns have gone wrong (and right) in the past (whether that was with another SMS marketing agency or yourselves) and optimising a strategy to see the graphs soar.

Everything from click rate and conversion rate to subscription rate and revenue per message sent will be measured. We will also assess your unsubscribed rate and break down why it is happening - providing you with a solution to reignite the flame of your subscriber list.

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Choosing The Right SMS Marketing Partner

In previous years, you may have tried SMS advertising for your business but found no luck. Although the modern era has seen some wild success with SMS marketing, this doesn’t mean that it is easy to formulate a plan for success. 

However, once you’ve had years of experience with a plethora of niches, you start to get an inkling of what works for each client. Not only that, but with our solid foundation here at Magnet Monster, we’re here to build an authoritative platform for your customers to trust. 

As digital marketing services are easy to come by, it is difficult to know who to trust. Yet, with Magnet Monster, you can rest assured that we will give you the return on investment that you’re looking for. 

Now, you won’t have to worry about self-managing your SMS platform as we will take care of all of it - leaving you to focus on the front end of your business in peace. If you’re interested, click the contact us button in the top right corner of our website and we’ll be more than happy to see if you qualify for our text message services.

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