What Is The Best SMS Marketing Platform?

What Is The Best SMS Marketing Platform?
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SMS marketing has recently been aligned with email marketing efforts, and now numerous different software companies are offering dual packages for these marketing methods. It is clear to see why, with the rise in success of SMS marketing within business performance. 

Although SMS marketing platforms are easy to come by, this doesn’t mean that you should trust each outlet you see. In fact, deciding on the correct partner that fits nicely with your current email marketing strategy is complicated. 

In this post, we’re going to outline and discuss the best SMS marketing platform, so you can make a streamlined business decision and begin adding another stream of revenue to your marketing efforts. Carry on reading to learn more!

What is SMS Marketing?

In regards to what SMS marketing is, it is the marketing practice of using promotional-based text messages to sell to your audience, offering discounts, text-to-win competitions, exclusive offers, and many more. SMS marketing focuses on personalised texts to persuade customers to purchase your products or services.

With eCommerce becoming the forefront of the revenue a business generates nowadays, text message marketing adds another avenue to sell to a tight-knit audience. People who receive your bulk SMS messages will have to opt-in before you begin sending phone numbers texts (as it can be classified as illegal if you’re spamming random phone numbers).

One of the unique features of SMS marketing is that text marketing messages have the highest open rate compared to any other marketing method, ever! This is because text messages automatically pop up on your phone with the message right there. 

From your experiences, you will know that as soon as you receive a text message campaign, it is a simple ‘one-click’ process to view what the person or company has said. Therefore, if businesses use this correctly and their message is enticing, it can often lead to incredible conversion rates and revenue numbers. 

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What Are the Different SMS Marketing Platforms?

As we previously mentioned, there are a myriad of opposing SMS marketing platforms that all have different advantages, pricing plans, and unique quirks that will contribute to your decision on which one to go with. Here, we will list some of the most popular SMS marketing software on the market today so you can better gauge what is on the radar:

1 - Attentive 

For newcomers, you will receive a free trial for Attentive so you can streamline your processes and try out their features before you decide on the purchase. 

This platform has many advantages when it comes to a library full of integrations, AI-powered technology, list growth tools, and detailed analytic dashboards. The audience manager tool is also a hot-hitter for businesses choosing Attentive.

2 - SMS Bump

SMS Bump is another popular SMS marketing tool that marketers are seeing great results with. Their unique A/B testing features, international campaign-sending capabilities, automated email flows, etc are excellent assets that you can use in your email marketing efforts. 

The price of SMS Bump is around £15 per month, which is relatively affordable compared to some alternatives presented in today’s market. 

3 - Omnisend

In line with the coupling of email and SMS marketing campaigns, Omnisend is becoming one of the most popular SMS options nowadays. Although slightly more expensive (close to £50 per month), their global reach, SMS reports, and marketing automation tools are second to none. 

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4 - TextMagic

With their pay-as-you-go pricing strategy, this benefits SMS marketers, who are seeing more success as they go along. This gives you a brilliant introduction to what you can achieve with SMS marketing. Not to mention the personalisation aspect that they bring to your SMS marketing strategy in comparison to other competitive messaging services. 

TextMagic has obtained some high reviews and is well regarded by marketers looking to grow their brand and increase revenue using SMS marketing as an additional channel. 

5 - Klaviyo SMS Marketing

You may know Klaviyo email marketing as the most popular of them all when it comes to beginner and advanced email integration. However, they also offer an excellent array of SMS benefits, making Klaviyo a multi-channel leader in the marketing industry.

Klaviyo SMS marketing integrates effortlessly with your Shopify account and many other useful tools to flourish business results, meaning that eCommerce store owners will have detailed and relevant analytics and statistics on their performance with no effort required. 

Whether this is pre or post-purchase, Klaviyo has a diverse range of tools to attract, convert, and retain customers through text messages. Not to mention their unique capabilities of segmenting your SMS contact lists based on all of your customers' data, Klaviyo does it all for you.

6 - SimpleTexting

With an SMS service that is just above £20 per month, this text marketing leader has uncommon advantages that not many other platforms can offer. One that stands out is the multiple keywords that they deliver, which will be an excellent tool for you to sign up more customers and clients. 

Furthermore, they’re regarded as an outstanding SMS marketing option by marketers due to the sheer number of templates they offer for small, medium, and large businesses, along with advanced automation that can help free up your time to hone in on the front end of your sales processes within your business.

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What is the Best SMS Marketing Platform For Your Company?

In regards to what is the best SMS marketing platform for your company, this varies from business to business. Due to companies having distinct requirements and areas they want to focus on, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to SMS marketing that can cover every basis, but there are certain platforms that are better than most. 

Choosing from the array of high-quality SMS marketing channels we’ve provided you with above based on their strengths that you feel will enhance your business's performance is your best bet. 

Looking for SMS marketing services? We’re looking for ambitious business owners who want to add another source of income to their company. We will tailor your SMS marketing strategy based on our extensive niche-specific research and devise a plan on how we can attack this marketing channel for optimal results. Book a discovery call today to speak to an expert!

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